How do I increase my income to 2000 euros?

Of course that depends heavily on how much you already deserve.The answer can be as simple as ‘ ask your boss for 10 cents storage ‘…

There are a number of options to make money online.In Order of required investments.

1.Affiliate Marketing


3.Amazon FBA

1.Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing means selling products or services from another to a commission.

The Commission may incur as far as the selling price is higher.In addition, the Commission may be repetitive for a certain period of time. This means that as long as the customer continues to decline a service, you will catch a commission every month. That can be up to 40% of the month cost for the service. If a service costs 100 euro monthly, you can get 40 euros for it. Every month until the customer stops the service. If you want 2000 euro extra then you need to bind 2000/40 = 50 customers. If you can find 5 customers per month, you’ll have 2000 euros extra for 10 months each month where you don’t have to do anything.

This sounds very nice, but there is a lot of work to achieve those 50 customers.You need to write blogs to offer the products or services. Next, you need to redirect traffic to the blogs so that they read the blogs and the products or services will be reduced to the final producer via you.

It’s not easy and it takes time to set up a good blog.In addition, you do not have 1 blog, but multiple blogs are needed.

The advantage is that if you have it all set up you can also get free traffic through Google.The blogs continue to exist so you can always expect new customers.


With Dropshipping you have an online store and sell your products from third parties.If a customer buys from you, you place the order on behalf of the customer with the third party and the third party executes the order. Your winnings are the margin between the sales price and the purchase price. The products are in stock with the third party and they also send the product. There is little risk to you as an entrepreneur.

Where do you find products?AliExpress is the most famous website where many providers offer their stuff. You can ask any provider if they do dropshipping. If so, you can add and sell the products in your online store.

In short, that is the process.The biggest drawback is the longer delivery times and less grip on the quality of products.

3.Amazon FBA

At Amazon FBA you develop a product and sell it on Amazon.That sounds harder than it is. It comes down to finding a product that already sells and where there is room for product improvements. It is a process that requires a budget in terms of investment. Development costs, product costs, transport and other costs are included. I can imagine that this is not directly preferable, but if the product is located at Amazon, it is passive earning. After all, Amazon takes care of the customers and you need to offer your product only on their page.

However, there are challenges to make your product succeed on Amazon.


There are plenty of methods.Just search on YouTube in the 3 terms and you will find lots of videos back. I have experience in all 3 options. And my advice is to start learning copywriting, product and target research, and marketing. If you have that knowledge you can use all 3 options. There is no quick way to earn 2000 euros, but it is quite possible. The only thing it takes is time and perseverance.

Good luck!

Tricky to say since I have no idea what your income is now and what you are doing in terms of work.

The following things are possible:

  • Working Fulltime instead of parttime.
  • Find another job where you deserve more.
  • Studying so you can find a better job

Start a website to get a passive income in the course of time.You will undoubtedly have a passion for it and can do that with this topic (visitors = income)

I would personally turn the question around, spend less money (in a smarter way) so you don’t have to earn any more:-) I can give you a few tips that you do not yet, where you would save structural money.

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