How do I hypnotize someone?

There are super many forms of hypnosis and super many ways to hypnotize someone that you would not expect.In any case, a hypnosis session can take from 40 seconds to 3 hours long. The method I’m going to explain is a more familiar, easy and general method. This takes around 20 minutes.

Let me explain to you how such a session is in one another.It consists of a few parts:

  1. Pre-Talk
  2. Induction
  3. Iterative
  4. Script
  5. Post-Hypnotic suggestions (optional)
  6. Amnesia
  7. Trance termination

This is the formula that many hypnosis sessions follow.This can take from 40 seconds to 3 hours long. Let’s look at each part step by step.

  • Pre-Talk.

With the pre-talk you prepare people.Hypnotherapists love to hypnotize their client before they start a conversation with them. Here you can reassure the customer and explain certain misconceptions about hypnosis.

If we are talking about street hypnosis you would not do this.In street Hypnosis you approach people to get their within minutes under a trance. Street hypnotists Use this section to prepare the person for the induction to happen. They give no explanation about hypnosis.

  • Induction.

This is the moment the hypnosis starts.Because a street hypnotist, for example, cuts in his fingers and shouts: “SLEEP!” (wouldn’t try it.) Or because a hypnotherapist tells that the customer may lie down and close his eyes.

  • Iterative.

Here the participant goes deeper into trance.This is usually the long process… Because you can do this for about 8 minutes if we use hypnotherapy. This is because you count from 10 to 1. And at every step down the participant goes deeper into trance. Their muscles become limp and their minds to Zen.

  • Script.

Here’s where magic happens.Or even the change! That they forget their name or feel confident.

  • Post-Hypnotic suggestions (optional)

You may skip this item.But especially useful for hypnotherapists if they have to do another session with the client for the next time. Instead of redoing the whole countdown you can place an anchor .Then you make sure that the person falls back into the state where he is in the last time.So then he falls back into the deep trance of the last time. Then the countdown is sometimes unnecessary.

  • Amnesia.

Hypnosis involves the unconsciousness.And the unconsciousness is our long term memory. Maybe strange to hear, but if you forget something then you remember it better. And if you try to remember something, you’ll forget it. So to make sure that the part of the script stays well in their head. At the amnesia part, make sure that they forget what they have taken during the session. So they will remember it.

  • Trance termination.

The last part and speaks for itself.You get the person out of the trance.

Well I have been doing hypnosis for half a year.It was practically not to do to find participants. For example, they did not forest or believed in it. I have had participants just not much. If I had the chance to practice, I might have been able to do street hypnosis and make an impression on others. With this simple concept you shouldn’t expect too much. The results are not as spectacular as you see on television. It is namely Hypnotherapy no street hypnosis. But I share one of my written sessions with you.

(INFO: At every 3 dots: “…” Short break of silence.Each “and” can make you longer: eeeeennnn… In words like “descend” with your intonation, you also drop your voice while you pronounce it.During the session, talk monotone, clear and slow or as boring as possible. So boring that they fall asleep! At trance termination, you raise your voice again and stop talking Montoon. Above all slow passing of voice during summing.)


During the sessions you will still be able to hear everything while I am talking.That does not give you, you still lie under hypnosis.

Remember that you are under the control of the session.Count in your head from 1 to 2 to 3 if you want to end it.

You also don’t have to worry if you fall asleep during hypnosis.Your eyes will close and your ears will remain open. They always remain open to always get information inside. As soon as a mother sleeps for example and she hears her baby crying she will wake up immediately. The truth is that you never really sleep, there is a portion of our brain that remains alert-our hearing.


Okay well, close your eyes… I want you to breathe deeply through your nose… Slowly inking… Open your lips and breathe out, slowly… Well one more time breathing deeply… Filling and stretching your lungs… That’s right… Hold on, breathe out… And while you do, feel your body relaxing, relaxing, relaxing… Take another deep breath… Hold on, and breathe out… Feel yourself relaxing now… From the top of your head, all the way down… To the tip of your toes… Good.. Well to help you with being calmer, imagine yourself being on a beautiful beach… It’s your beach… You are quiet and safe… You walk along the beach… Feel the warm, soft sand beneath your feet… Feel the warmth of the sun relaxing every part of your body… Breathe in the scent of the sea.. Feel the calm winds blowing past your body as you walk to the water… Where the waves make a soothing sound…


Every moment ebt the water back after each wave.. And you count them back from 10 to 1.. As you count them, you go deeper and deeper into trance, with each wave dropping…

You feel safe while you see the wave traveling to your feet.. 10. The wave drops down and you go deeper, and deeper… You feel comfortable and relaxed while the next wave arrives.. 9th deeper.. That’s right..

You will feel the warm, clear blue water along your feet and go one step deeper, and deeper.. 8. Hear the water gently descending, descending, descending… So soothing… The golf travels up… 7. Every part of your body relaxes while you relax… Deeper, and deeper… Descend down… A wave comes up… 6. The sunset to the distance relax your eyes.It feels so soothing to the eyes… As the wave descends, and descends. Deeper… You hear the leaves of palm trees blowing behind you with the soft, wind… Relaxed and happy… 5. You feel the warm water flowing back past your feet… 4. The water pulls back to the sea.. Deeper and deeper… The water travels back up… 3. You feel more soothed while the water drops gently… Back up.. 2. See the water descend before your eyes and go deeper, deeper, deeper… The sea travels from both your sides, all over the beach… As you empty your mind to the final step… 1. Descending, descending, descending, satisfied and so relaxed…


While you are standing looking at the water.You begin to think of all the different things I have told you. But it’s too much for you to remember. So I want you to take them and stop in a basket. After you have placed them in the basket. Place the basket in the water, and let it float away. You don’t have to remember everything I’ve told you. Your thoughts are safe in your basket. Your thoughts are well clear. Well notice the peaceful feeling what you have.

Trance termination

In a moment I count from 1 to 5. When I get to 5, you will be aware of this room, this time and this place.You feel completely alert and refreshing in every way. 1-You feel good 2-more orienting in this space, time and place. 3-In a moment your muscles begin to move 4-on the next track you open your eyes and you feel great 5-open your eyes and you will feel great in every way.

This is not the most effective session.Maybe even laughable for most hypnotherapists but a nice script to start and practice with. This is what I first started with. Meanwhile I know better techniques, Maarja Ben stopped.

I wouldn’t know.But if you find something I would like to know:)

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