How do I get rid of my fear?

Now that I get older, I suffer from anxiety attacks.

The worst thing was the day when I had to keep a presentation for the whole editorial of VPRO backlight.And those people are all really impressive, smart, reactive, and highly educated. I was just so uncertain about myself: How could I, Celine, the new French colleague, bring them something valuable? I couldn’t stand or breathe anymore, and I cancelled the presentation on the trap.

I was ashamed of death, but my body did not want or could not support me.

What I did to get rid of my fear was very simple:

  • Communicating about my fear.

Sharing my feelings, and talking about it has helped me very much.

  • Retry, but this time with a little more control over the environment (where, when, with whom)
  • Stop thinking and overanalyzing: Just do it (I often think of Ivan Drago in the movie Rocky and I always say “If I die, I who”.
  • Not the exact quote, but close enough.)

  • Rescue Spray
  • Little Walk
  • and listen to music
  • In general, and as a possible alternative to the strategies of C茅line and Maartje:

    As long as you avoid the fear successfully, you keep it in position-the fear can even get bigger.It is therefore important to approach what you are anxious about in a gradual way-approaching behaviour. You could develop some sort of roadmap in which you come a little closer to the dreaded stimulus, with an even too tolerated fear. By practicing this, several times a day, the fear will slowly fall, you come closer to the dreaded stimulus and you find that what you fear (fainting, dying, being laughed, etc.) does not occur.

    What, in the example of C茅line, could help (it’s rather customization, of course):

    1. Let your first sentence be: “I’m very nervous, this is exciting for me.” A fair phrase that people understand and actually appreciate: you are not a smooth talker with a death-practiced sales pitch, you come to tell something which is difficult and matters.

    2.Practice the presentation at home, in front of the mirror. Take your time. Then: Invite friends/acquaintances, tell them they are exercise material and you need them. Pay attention to whether you are actually fainting, being killed or laughed at. It was best to get along.

    3.When I give a presentation somewhere I care that I am present on time, I explore the space, inspect the equipment and view the indoor running crowd on my convenience. That’s a very nice hobby by the way, looking at how to find an inner foam and a spot.

    It depends on what fear it goes, but in the case of a specific phobia, such as the fear of speaking in public, there are professional treatments that dispel the anxiety.

    The Memrec method is the latest treatment method; I know that research is/is being done to apply this in the fear of public speaking, and that that works.In most clients, the fear disappeared after one treatment, almost unbelievable. You still have healthy nerves for a presentation, but no more the violent emotional/physical reaction.

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