How do I find a business partner in the Netherlands? I am looking for a companion/business partner. I have two website platforms ( and ready for the next growth phase.

Get Clear to yourself first – if you don’t already – what exactly you expect from such a business partner?Does he invest time, knowledge, money or a combination of that already?

If you have that clear, then you have clear what exactly you are looking for: Is it an investor, or someone who works with you?Depending on that answer, there are several ways to walk.

First of all, let’s go out of an investor.You should be able to make that clear what the financial picture is behind your website. What is the earning model? What makes your product different from all those other products?

But also, what are the non-financial ‘ incentives ‘ that appeal to any investor.Someone like Richard Branson gets hot from very different arguments than someone like Trump, just to name two people.

If you have that picture, then you are going to search.A nice starting point is BAN Nederland (Association Business Angels Network Nederland).For the sake of clarity, that is not an organisation that wants to sink the Netherlands back into the sea, but a network of ‘ Business Angels ‘, or ‘ Angel Investors ‘.

An alternative to an Angel Investor can be crowdfunding… But that’s a very different story.

If you are looking for an ‘ active business partner ‘, it becomes harder.You then need someone who has both time (and possible money) and knowledge of the matter .The only thing I can recommend here is to go to the coffee with entrepreneurs. Quite literally. In many regions in the Netherlands, ‘ Open Coffee ‘ meetings are organised for entrepreneurs. There you can walk in so (sometimes you have to sign up and there is usually a small fee attached) to network.

Third Way is to put a call on forums.Most likely you will be flooded with all sorts of wannabees. But if you have time enough to talk to hundreds of wannabees to find that one pearl, go ahead.

Good luck!

Make sure you clearly have what you expect from the business partner.

  1. What goals do you have over the next few years with the business.
  2. Against what business you are running.
  3. What knowledge do you miss yourself.

Furthermore, you have open business days at the KVK.Or you can use Facebook groups, Reddit or here to follow people where you have a connection. Then you can contact them to exchange information. From there you can build a relationship and then determine if it is a suitable candidate.

You can better specify what the next growth phase is and what is needed for it. In case of a website, generate revenue for example.Sometimes you come to the conclusion that you do not want to be a part of it and you are looking for a takeover partner. In Other cases you place a vacancy for entrepreneur.

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