In Salesforce Setup, enter Communities in the Quick Find box and select All Communities. Click Builder next to the community you want to access. and select General. Under Guest User Profile, click the profile name.

So what is a guest user in Salesforce?

A guest user is anyone that you can use for apps like event management apps, volunteer apps, fundraiser requests, and more . The Salesforce feature that allows hosting these “external users” is the SITE GUEST USER.

Do you also know how to create a public community in Salesforce? Create Communities

  1. To create a community, from Setup, enter All in the Quick Find box, select All Communities, then click New Community.
  2. To add more To view information about a template, select it.
  3. Select the template you want to use.
  4. Read the template description and main features and click “Get started “.
  5. Enter a community name.

Another question is how do I create a default user in Salesforce?

To create a new user for your organization:

  1. Click on your name | Facility | Manage Users | User.
  2. Click New User.
  3. Enter the user’s first name, last name, and email address.
  4. Choose one User license.
  5. Select a profile to control the user’s minimum permissions and access settings.

How do I log in to Salesforce as a guest ?

Required Editions and User Permissions

In Salesforce Setup, enter Communities in the Quick Find box and select All Communities. Click Builder next to the community you want to access. and select General. Under Guest User Profile, click the profile name.

What is a Salesforce Community license?

Learn more about the licenses. Purchase Community Cloud licenses so members can log in or access Salesforce objects based on your business needs. If you intend to use your community as a public knowledge base for unauthenticated (or guest) users, you do not need to purchase community licenses.

How do I manage users in Salesforce?

Manage Users

  1. In Marketing Cloud, navigate to Email Studio.
  2. Click Admin.
  3. Click My Users.
  4. Select Select the user to connect.
  5. Click Integrate for Status.
  6. Enter the Sales or Service Cloud username.
  7. Save the settings.
  8. From My Users, select the user.

What are Salesforce Sites?

With Salesforce Sites, you can create public websites and apps that integrate directly with your Salesforce organization—without requiring users to sign in with a username and password. You can make all information stored in your org publicly available via a branded URL of your choice.

How many users can be created in Salesforce?

10 users

How do you create a Lightning Community Page?

Configure Lightning Components on Community Pages

  1. Navigate to Setu

    App Setu

    Customize>Communities>Communities Settings.

  2. On the Communities page, select the Enable community workspaces check box.
  3. In the Domain Name field, enter the domain name for the community and click Check Availability.
  4. Click Save.

What is Salesforce Community Cloud?

Community Cloud is a social platform developed by was created to connect and facilitate communication between an organization’s employees, partners and other customers. It allows management to communicate more efficiently with channel partners and other external parties.

What is the difference between profiles and permission sets in Salesforce?

The main difference between the two is that the profile is the base set of the user’s permissions and all users are assigned to one. Profiles can be used to grant or revoke permissions to the users assigned to them. Permission sets can only grant or extend permissions to users assigned to them.

What is a wrapper class in Salesforce?

Wrapper class in Apex Salesforce: A wrapper or container class is a class , a data structure or abstract data type that contains various objects or collections of objects as its members. A wrapper class is a custom object defined by the programmer in which he defines the properties of the wrapper class.

How do I enable a community user in Salesforce?

Create one Customer Community User

  1. Assign a role to the contact record owner. From Setup, enter Users in the quick find, then select Users>Users.
  2. Enable the contact and the contact’s associated account as external partner users. Note:
  3. Assign a permission set: On the contact’s user page, click Permission set assignments, then click Edit assignments.

How many types of profiles are there in Salesforce?

Now you can filter in profiles using the view list. There are six (6) standard Salesforce user profiles. Additional default profiles are displayed when certain conditions are met within an organization, e.g. For example, enabling Chatter, Partner Portal, Customer Portal, or Sites.

What is View All and Change All in Salesforce?

View All grants read access to the object and only Read access to all records within this object. Modify All grants create, read, edit, and delete access to the object and full access to records within that object.

What is a standard user in Salesforce?

Salesforce. Designed for users who need full access to standard CRM and Salesforce AppExchange applications. Users with this user license are authorized to access any standard or custom app. Each license provides additional storage for Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance Edition users. All editions.

What is a default profile?

Your edition determines which default profiles are available. Each organization comes with default profiles. In Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Performance, and Developer Editions, you can use default profiles or create, edit, and delete custom profiles.

What is the Community page in Salesforce?

Required Editions and User Permissions. The community home page is visible to unauthenticated users in a public community, and you can specify a landing page for guest users without setting up redirects. This page is also referred to as your active site home page. Open Experience Workspaces or Community Management.

What is a permission set in Salesforce?

A permission set is a collection of settings and permissions that grant users access to various tools and features. The settings and permissions in permission sets are also found in profiles, but permission sets extend users‘ functional access without changing their profiles.

How many types of profiles are there?

You can use one of three types of user profiles to provide a user’s environment settings or, if necessary, to prevent a user or an unauthorized person from changing a user’s environment. These profile types are local user profiles, roaming user profiles, and mandatory user profiles.

What is the Lightning Community in Salesforce?

Lightning Experience is the name for the desktop user experience, for internal Salesforce only –User determined. Lightning in the context of communities means using Lightning components to build communities. Build communities using templates like Customer Service, Partner Central, or Lightning Bolt Solutions.