How do countries map the nature and extent of trafficking in human beings?

Masters of slaves appoint slaves liberators to smugglers.

People who helped the Jews from Nazi persecution, by giving shelter, hiding and helping flights to safe countries were heroes, yet a crime within Nazi Germany.
People who helped liberate the slaves from the cruel barbarian European and American colonialists and masters of slaves are now heroes, but then they were also criminal ‘ smugglers ‘ who risked to be shot.
Also now the European Masters of slaves appoint the liberators of slaves criminal people smugglers.

4 billion people in the rest of the world have no dignified life, they have to live with less than 2 euros per day, have no drinkable water, no good medical care…. The poor population of dozens of countries still have to live under the terror bombing of the countries of the terrorist organization NATO, Genocidaire Colonial Europe and imperialist United States America.

The victims of a criminal poverty and illegal aggression wars seek help to be able to flee, emigrate to the countries of the exploiters, oppressors thieves of the wealth of their country of origin, the European and American colonialists and Masters of slaves.
It is a business, the prices are according to the ‘ Free market/exploitation ‘ of the Western world Predominsers.Ideal would be that the guides, the helpers, the bootcaptains are ferries, the drivers… Would show solidarity with the most vulnerable and poor, suppressed, well treated, and offer good and safe transport at the lowest possible price.
The Cruel World rulers European Union and US must but ensure a decent worldwide monthly minimum wage of 350 euros, 40 hours/week and a dignified monthly of 250 euros living wage for all unemployed in the rest of the world and also a To end their, since centuries, barbaric aggression wars for economic and political gain against the people of the rest of the world they viewed as inferior people.

“Every cow in the European Union receives two and a half dollar subsidy per day. That’s more than where 75% of Africans have to live. ” 1

“Those generous subsidies brave farmers to grow much more crops than is necessary and the surpluses are dumped in the developing countries.” 2

“For as little as 1% of the income of the richest countries, the worst consequences of poverty can be significantly reduced each year”

“The people living in poverty are vulnerable and have no voice” (3)

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Western man wears a colonialist spectacles

If Western man is marketing colonialist glasses

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