How did you meet your girlfriend?

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Response by Dieter Neth to which event in your life has shaped you most as a person and how?

Yes, it was quite complicated.There really had to be a lot of coming together. But at least – for me as a diploma desert rat, at least the “Where” is still reasonably conclusive and also easy to explain:

I met my girlfriend in the Sonoran Desert, in the part that is located in the Mexican state of Sonora.

But as I said, it hadn’t been so easy!I had not travelled to Mexico because of women, but because of desert landscapes and especially cacti. They had their Latin Lovers and I couldn’t keep up, couldn’t speak right Spanish anyway and at all:

If you had never had a girlfriend until 27 and never had anything else with women, you can tick off the subject with confidence.

You can also love cacti!

No, no selfie!

But you urgently need to make up for it!

I originally wanted to go to Baja, but then on May 2, 1989, I had moved into that coastal nest opposite the peninsula, precisely because, according to my desert guide (travel guide for such companies, there should be the same plants as on Baja) there. California.(For any cactus nerds: There are no Saguaros on Baja!)

I met an Irishman by boat.He had come to Sonora not because of the women, but because of the fish. But he’s stuck because of his fondness for “dark women,” as he puts it. Whether this name was coined on the complexion or the hair color I never asked him. He should not think that I am even interested in this subject in the slightest. Already on the first evening I had to take me to the village, on the one hand so that I could pay for the beer and transport it in the car (he had a boat but no vehicle) – and on the other hand, so that I could watch him at his favorite activity.

It didn’t bother him that he was deliberately ignored.I preferred to stick with my cacti!

When he realized that I would never voluntarily accompany him on one of his alleged “dates”, he had organized himself help.The boy had to be brought to the taste….

Was he too!(How – see above in the link) That was What had become Saturday 6 May and I felt very good as if a whole new life had begun. Actually, I should have been on my way north long ago, to the big sand desert at the head of the Gulf of California, not here on the shady, but still unbearably hot veranda at the ice-cold beer with my buddy. We had the bungalow complex for ourselves, the place then made up over the summer. No one goes to the house in Sonora in the summer, when you don’t necessarily have to – or don’t feel like being roasted.

But now he drew my attention to two figures on the veranda of the neighboring bungalow.Undoubtedly new guests who had arrived over the weekend. You couldn’t see anything else because of the deep shadow, but for my eternally optimistic Irish freeman, it could only be two young, pretty women.

“I’m going over there now and invite them on a boat trip into the sunset – and you’ll come with you!”

“Yes, but….. “

“Forget your number with the shy boy.After last night, no one will take that away from you! We make two pairs and go fishing. Today the relationship is fairer than yesterday!”

I went along with it, expecting that the two of them would already reject our request, given the two long rows of bottles and in general!We didn’t know each other. They could never dare…..

Could they!I should have known better, even the two seemed to know no fear. My friend was right in everything. This trip was actually to my liking. Now I was able to prove my love for active holiday design and my newfound talents as a “Swiss Latin Lover“.(Yes, there really is – says my Mexican wife).

She liked my reports about adventure trips to the American desert and what to see there, as well as my remarks about constellations and other astronomical stuff.I didn’t even have to change my mind or think up any sayings. My unusual hobbies, my work in the chemistry laboratory simply found her interestWhat I heard from her was just as fascinating to me. Full-time job and study at the same time, because their mouse-poor family from a farming environment could not cover the tuition costs! A small house of unburned mud bricks with two rooms for up to 15 people and outdoor sabre with running cold water for showering. And that with the karate course from before, when we had imagined, hadn’t been fluenked either. (“Because of discipline and general fitness!”)

But she was happy that she could finally see the sea here, almost 1,000 km from where she lived up on the Texas border.And not just because of it! I had nisrenly remembered that she had fallen head over heels in love with me.

After the boat trip a romantic dinner was announced – from the home-made fish prepared by us top European chefs, which were very popular with our ladies.We had exchanged our addresses – and arranged for breakfast with them over there on the following day!

The next day, for the first time, I actually felt like I had a girlfriend.She had rejected my unequivocal advances yesterday – and cited an alleged friend as the reason for this – but it could only be an ex. But she didn’t want to make it too easy for me, which I couldn’t blame her for. But she was only too aware that she had sifted it up a little, and became even more nervous as the time of her departure approached. The bus would leave at noon, 15 hours with breaks. We liked each other right away, but now that we had confessed all our secrets, dreams and circumstances, now it was as if we had always known each other. And as if I had always spoken Spanish! I hadn’t noticed that until my boyfriend approached me afterwards, but my girl couldn’t speak English or German!

“Stay until the evening!Then I drive you back in the VW. Let’s make it easy in 12 hours overnight!”

Was I of senses?Did I ride my desert tour to bring this girl home? But she refused with regret, but in those 12 hours alone outside in the mountains and desert, all sorts of things could happen. Instead, she reminded me of my promise. I would write to her, for sure, as soon as I was back!

It would take me a few more months before I had officially asked her if she wanted to be my friend.That had been the case at the beginning of November 1989, over the phone. We were now almost 10,000 km apart.

She had said YES, and then again, around April 1, 1990, when I asked her on the following visit if she wanted to marry me.Followed by two further yeses, on the court in El Paso, Texas and finally in the church.

I’ve always been a little proud of the fact that we got married in El Paso, the former Outlaw town in Texas.Don’t everyone do now. But my Irish friend already! It had been almost 2 months faster. On February 14th, the old romantic!