How did you find out that your relationship had no chance?

[“I woke up in my girlfriend’s bed. My girlfriend was sitting on the corner of the bed in a intricate lotus posture. With a light blue sheet turned over, they prebrate mantras. As breakfast there was only a rock hard piece of dried Arjana bread waiting. Then I realized, that despite the fact that I loved her very much, it could not eventually become a stable relationship.

“,” When he told the dead what his mother had said about me.She said “great. Her ex-husband got a child with her and went off and only such idiot as you want to take care of that child. I prefer you to be gay “. And they meant it didn’t LHBT-friendly.

When my then girlfriend knew me at a certain moment to report “that her next one had to be with a lot of money”.I dropped them quite shortly afterwards, she is later married to a good friend of mine who as a civil engineer at that time IDD well deserved a lot more money. The irony, however, wants me to have a multiple of his salary quite soon afterwards, and still have. Oh well, it was a nice girl, but her motivation to choose a partner I found but didn’t…

I find one of the most important things to trust in a relationship, if you have no confidence you can not believe anything and the relationship will only get worse.But I also believe that we should give people a second chance so it depends very much on the situation. But this is one of the things I don’t want to experience anymore:

One day I came home from my work, I went to my partner (we lived not far from each other but also not together)

I arrived there and I saw that he was sitting there with another girl, it was suspicious but I never have a problem when he deals with other girls because I have other friends too.

But I just went to sit there and started talking, he reacted very quickly and without too many words.She did exactly the same thing, I just told about a story with my dog.

I thought it could be that they had just had a bad day and because I trusted him I just went home.

A week later (in between I have been to his house).We were just talking and he wanted to show me a funny picture he had seen on Instagram he had it in his gallery so he want to open that image, but he accidentally opens a nude picture of that knife. I was totally startled and started to ask what it was. After a lot of questions he said he had gone weird. At that time, Kl knew that I would never trust him again so I said I shouldn’t be in a relationship with someone who is not honest with me. He understood it and then we calmly went apart. I am happy how I reacted at that time, but I was hurt because he never expected it.

When she agreed to give it another chance and I discovered she was still working to get away.

When I found out that my then-wife, Preachant in the PKN Church, had a sneaky relationship with another married pastor for more than a year.

How to can walk: I was 19 and I was not allowed to come to the family barbecue from my girlfriend.

Two different cultures can go together well.I noticed, however, that my then friend tried to form me to the standards of his culture. He tried to be a little bit of a job and expected me to face it. I did so for a long time, because I was young and loved him. At some point you will grow up and get a certain insight.

When I met his mother and grandparents abroad, it only penetrated me.That I would always leave a dash because I would not meet their ideals. I didn’t think I could adjust for him and have broken it down. To this day I wonder if I made the right choice.

When, after a 15-year relationship, during a burnout, she gave me the blame for everything and that after a 15-year relationship, she pretended that it was my fault that she was going to be dating with others behind my back and that while she didn’t want me to leave.

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