How did you find out that your partner cheated you?

First time he asked me if I wanted to give his phone to him that he left in bedroom.When I took the device in hand, I saw a message on the screen.

Second time someone has thrown a note in my letterbox with the “necessary” information.The lady in question apparently wanted him to quarrel at home and with his suitcases was put outside.

Third time he needed help and we were working together behind his laptop and then came a Skype pop-up.Also of explicit content.

Fourth time, a joint colleague suggested that I should “keep an eye on him”.

Fifth time I have shared on Quora once.Answer from Anna Kesselman on what are the best ways to find out if your partner is loyal to you?

And the sixth time someone has actively contacted me via Facebook.Family or friend of those who went.

I found out that my expartner cheated me with her ex. A very sad experience, I was very happy with her and I had everything for her about it.The ex of my expartner suddenly came back into her life. She never came over him, and rather they had gone apart because he had to move because of a study. When he was back again, he was right at her front door, and I didn’t get back three months later.. After that it was away relationship.. But better too.

My philosophy is if someone told you a big lie to you, at any time in any relationship whatsoever, then you do not know that person.Then you don’t really know who they are, and what they keep even more hidden from you.

My ex shared his GPS with me, because he was very much traveling for Zn work.And because we were 鈧?虄soulmates , you are always afraid that something will go wrong with someone that is so important to you. So that way I would always be able to find him if something would happen.

Almost 2 years in the relationship.Soon we would marry. Just done IUI. Right after that he goes to another state to look up his daughter. He would go out for dinner, with his brother, and the girlfriend Vd Broer. Whether he was sloppie, or the technology of his tel left him in the lurch. I saw that he was visiting his ex girlfriend for 5 o’clock in the evening. I didn’t called him then. I kept myself in, and called him after he was at home. So that he could still tell the truth. He did not. And then hell broke loose. And then I made it out. He claimed that he had eaten there with his brother, the girlfriend Vd Broer, and the friend of his ex girlfriend. And I was allowed to call both his brother and the ex girlfriend to ask for this. I didn’t do that, Snappende that both the brother and the ex girlfriend could lie about this. In retrospect I wanted to ask the friend Vd ex girlfriend. Because he was the only one who would not lie. But of course I was not offered to call him and ask. I was told that he did not even know that they had something together.

This was the beginning of the collapse of his air castle that he kept me.

I eventually took it back.Also because I was already so deeply seated, you can’t just leave. Even worse, all my money in the house was on his name. This was because he said he could not get a loan if my name would remain on it. So it was impossible to grab mn suitcases and go away. Otherwise I had done that then.

Then I distrusted, and went on to investigate.

I found out that he still had sex with his ex wife and her husband, with several ex girlfriends.And they all loved sex boyfriends. Sex with all his collega s. Mainly a group of men at work. Also the CEO of that company. And group sex had with those men, and to sex clubs, whore houses, massage parlors, and that they are making up for fun together. And he is a well-functioning druggie.

Personally, I have no interest in technology at all.So don’t know much as well. I had to learn quickly, because that’s how he had come away with it all the time. He had a double account on his phone that he took home. So what content he can email, Internet, foto s make, film, chat, and you will never find it. He had also secretly filmed me without my permission. Whereby if I ask to see his foto s, then I had never seen or found that. As soon as he turns his phone off, it automatically goes back to the tel I see when I open the Tel.

If you ever start something with someone, and the only thing that is on that count is from the moment you come into their life, that’s a big red flag.My ex had that. Only Foto s and everything from the moment we had something together. That’s not normal. That Tel is specially set up for me. I know he had at least four phones. But he always took it home. The other phones are for other occasions. Like his male sex boyfriends. Or sex with women, he wants to pretend to be bachelor. And no picture on the front of us as a family.

It took months.But eventually I found out that the only reason he started what with me was out of revenge on my ex husband, his friend Vd High school. Because my ex husband had made him black to me. Then he made the plan to get me emotionally and financially. To hurt my ex man indirectly.

He is covert narcissist.No one knows this except a handful of people.

Even his own sister does not know, my ex husband either.He only knew that he was going to bed with everything that moves.

My ex is expert in pretending to be sweet nice family man.No one who can see this to him who he really is, and how he really lives. Even my father wanted to see evidence. Luckily I had that.

That has never happened to me, or I never found out.

My feeling and she was getting away and did not get as much as in the beginning.She also often told lies she went again and again to that other side of the street

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