How did you find out that your beloved was in love with you?

After 20 years I finally found out that my husband had always been in love with me.He told me-when we were talking at a certain time on Facebook-I have been in love with you since the first time you said what to me. We were 5 years old then. I had nothing to do with such a moment, and he told me that he came to school a time late and he walked in completely wetting. No one in class reacted except me. I cried out ‘ Och poor! You seem to be a big kitten! ‘ At that time he knew he loved me.

I was laughing very hard when he told it.Knowing that at that time I had a cassette tape from Sesame Street where there was a story told about a kitty that was left behind just somewhere. Och poor, came from there. For a child not really a normal exclamation. To say so. He had always stayed with him. Through a shared friend, we always stayed in each other’s life in a certain way. Even though most of the time was just digital and his contact details were just there.

When we came into contact again, he literally couldn’t be farther away.He was in New Zealand, traveling alone, because his girlfriend had gone off with another. I was divorced shortly before. I talked to him on Facebook because it seemed nice to me to organize a school reunion once. His reaction to me was very strange. I sent something of ‘ seems like something to organize. ‘ He reacted with something like ‘ This you don’t think?! ‘
On the other side of the planet was the middle of the night and he was sitting in a bar with a glass of too much on it, he told me that he had stood on a mountain earlier that day, finished with life as it was now and that he had asked for a signal.’ And now you send me a message! ‘ I thought ‘ okay yes, but everyone could have sent you a message, that doesn’t make me ‘ THE ‘ signal. ‘ “Yes, he said,” For I have been waiting for you all my life. ” At that time, I began to doubt his mental condition, but then he came up with the ‘ och poor ‘ story.
Since then we are together.

Usually they say that just, right?

After the first weekend, she first said that she didn’t know yet when we could meet again.

Three weeks later she called if she could come along again that weekend.And the week after again…

That stopped and half a year later we lived together.

She kissed me and it felt like the first time.

My wife never really said she is in love. My wife is not familiar with feelings and cannot appoint them.She is not in the autistic spectrum, if you think so, but can often not appoint feelings.

I saw it in her eyes and in her laughter.I felt it at the time she saw me. I noticed how she laughed at my jokes, to the little touches.

Between the time of our first date and the moment we made the ‘ Facebook official ‘ was at most a month.We just knew both that it was good.

She has also maintained for years that she was not in love but just loves me since the first moment.I believe that. She still looks with the same look, I still make her chuckle and she me. When I embrace her I still feel the same love.

It is now seven years later.

She threw water to me.If someone does that then someone likes you!

When she and her husband were separated from the table and bed, she invited me to her home.A little half a year later she came to live with me. Two years later engaged and married another two years afterwards. We have known each other for twenty years now and are still a married couple.

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