How did you experience your first driving lesson?

Reasonably traumatic!

I had intended to drive completely safe from the first second and not take any risk to hurt anyone.

Lesson 1: My instructor sends me the Brassers Quay, at the Time (1980) a narrow unlit sphere dike between Delft and Nootdorp, with solid trees on both sides.Pikdark night, and rain. You do not see the way through the reflection of the rain, the midline, not the roadside, only the trees that light up at a distance in the lights of the headlights. And twice a big city bus as a counter-beam, which dazzled me completely, leaving me nothing more than the bright headlights. Knowing that we were not actually working together on the road and I had to steer the roadside. Which I did not saw.
The instruction was: treasure in where the trees are and steer between the headlight and the trees.
I died a thousand dead, so scary it was, but it went well.
But I was immediately finally off the illusion that it is possible to really play safe when driving.

Actually pretty positive.

We drove to an industrial area where we exchanged place and my instructor asked me some questions about what everything was on the dashboard.Speedometer, gasoline tank, tachometer, etc. In addition, a short lesson on adjusting the mirrors, the direction indicator lamps and the windscreen wipers.

When they 鈧?虄ie: 鈧?艗well, let the clutch but quietly loosen, 鈧?and I drove (it was a diesel).Then a little faster, quietly through the bend, a lap ridden outside the city, and then back home again.

Very exciting, but well gone.To be honest, I found every lesson exciting, even after my exam. Only when I went to work every day last summer with the car it was all a bit more relaxed.

My first driving lesson was a test lesson of the ANWB driving training (which I did not do in the end: I have taken my driving licence elsewhere).Of course I had a lot with my parents in cars, but never got behind the wheel. When I sat down, the instructor said something along the lines of: ‘ Well, drive away. ‘ I did not know yet how the clutch worked, what pedal for which it served, I practically didn’t know anything. He could read my amazement. Luckily it was quickly cleared up: he thought I’d get a test exam, not for a trial lesson. After that, his approach was obviously very different, and I had a pleasant first driving lesson. I believe I did not end up for that driving training because it was very expensive.

More interesting were the first driving lessons of my mother.She had her very first riding class when she was eighteen. Her parents had no car and did everything by train, bike and public transport. She did not even know where the key had to be in the contact. Her instructor then took her to the busy city centre of Amsterdam to cross the narrow canals. At that time it was already busy there. She found it really terrible, traumatizing and didn’t want to crawl behind the wheel.
When my father was given epilepsy many years later and was not allowed to drive a time (now happily again), she decided to take lessons again.She was already 40 + and although she had a lot of time in the passenger seat, she had no experience behind the wheel on that one driving lesson. She also found it doodeng. However, she went for the same driving school where I had my driving licence. She had stipulated that she would first have a test lesson, and then a small trial package of six lessons or so: that way she could still decide to stop if she would find it too scary. Her instructor was an elderly man who almost retired.
Well, they went on the path.She drove extremely quietly and at a point at a roundabout with in the middle a grass field, no obstacle. The instructor said, “Now go straight at the roundabout.” So she did. Right over the middle of the roundabout, over that grass field. Moments later, they drove towards a quiet intersection (given her past, the instructor left her alone on quiet roads). So he said she had to go right. She did. Directly. The roadside. Instead of first driving to the intersection. Luckily there was no damage to the car.
After this test lesson, my mother still found it scary, but all in all, the hair was very well.She still wanted to do those six lessons (because for the trial class she wasn’t sure yet). And the instructor? That saw her as a super big challenge. He wanted her to get her licence for his retirement. During these six lessons he managed to make her even more comfortable, and she decided to continue. And in the end she did her driving licence, and now he is comfortable car. So you see again: A good instructor can make a huge difference.

It had always been a dream to drive (learn) car.The first time we went to an industrial area to learn the basic SCS (gas and brakes). After we had done that, we apparently also went on the highway, and it was very nice to do and the nice thing is that my father thought I could only send the first lesson and for the rest nothing. My instructor taught me the first lesson how to give and brake gas and we’ve also been on the highway. In short, I was very much in my mind.

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