How damaging is it to allow a child to play reasonably violent video games occasionally?

As a child, I also did some fairly violent video games, and the people who were in school at the time could have been a bit of a fan.To my know there are no negative consequences of remaining. We had a boy in the classroom who talked a lot about ‘ Call of Duty ‘ and played it a lot. He was also the boy who took the highest figures.

A lot of research has been done on the harmfulness of games, but the strange thing is that it is almost never about the possible behavioural change, but about the addiction sensitivity and the brain activity.

So comes the University of Montreal with a very interesting discovery.While gaming is not the Parahippocampus (Simply put: an important part for the brain that processes the flow of information), but it stimulates the caudate nucleus. (A kind of autopilot for the brain). In itself there is nothing wrong with that, except that the parahippocampus is less stimulated.

There is something to be said about that.The research mainly investigated games such as: Borderlands, Killzone, Call of Duty and Super Mario. That is to my view a fairly limited category of games. After all, action/shooter games are often a rehearsal. I am not able to ask myself the question: “What about RNG/strategy games?”. Think of Heroes Of Might and Magic (Strategy turn based) or a game like Don’t Starve (RNG-based base builder). After all, these games are less about repitie and remembering locations and more about discovering and customizing.

The youth and media agency is quite nuanced when it comes to the effects of gaming on the youth and that the harmfulness of gaming depends on several factors:

  1. Characteristics of the child itself
  2. The gaming feature
  3. The number of hours spent on it

Roughly: Is There an addiction-prone child, who runs away through gaming and makes the child concerned more than 3 hours a day: Then there is (but that is rather wiedes) a problematic behavior.Even when a child meets one of the three characteristics, there may be a problem.

When I look at myself.(But anecdotal evidence is not evidence) Then I actually see no problems in my further life. I game now roughly 22 years, I follow a training at HBO level and did a good job. That said, I would like to say that there is a clear difference between the games from then and now. An example is Mortal Kombat:

Mortal Kombat 1996 PC Release: (Source Torne on YouTube)

Mortal Kombat 11 (Release: 10 -05 -2019) (source PlayStation Lifestyle)

Where I find the first Mortal Kombat almost a slap-stick.

Today, the Mortal Kombat Is quite a lot more violent. In the Netherlands, unlike what is often thought, no 18 + games are actually released. In The Netherlands This is the following rule:

‘ Imprisonment of not more than one year or a fine of the fourth category shall be punished he who has an image, an object or a data bearer, containing an image whose display is detrimental to persons below the age Of sixteen years, provides, offers or exhibits to a minor of whom he knows or should reasonably suspect, that it is under 16 years of age. ‘

In practice this means that a 16-year-old can buy a very great game and then also be played by the child’s playmates.This comes down to the fact that children of 12 can also come to a very violent game with ease. Whether that is entirely desirable I leave to your own review.

As a child, I often watched violent programs like ‘ Tom and Jerry ‘ on television.Well you see for yourself what has come of me.

It depends on how realistic the games are.The finishing of a gigantic evil dragon is different from shooting a soldier. Show your children how a bullet wound is real, a huge hole and huge trauma, not just a red dot. The influence I find important is when they hear about killings and terrorist actions they think that everyone receives a red dot and falls over. It is not good if a child can not understand the real then of an action properly,

As long as the child knows the difference between fact and fiction, and so knowing that that can be virtually there is no harmful effect.It can be on the contrary an acceptable exhaust valve for frustrations and aggression.

Not harmful.Let get him alone do not do it too often. And do not let him play more than 1 watch pointer higher.

As soon as it becomes no addiction and it does not show any other behavior after playing it it’s just good

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