How come many time and again choose the wrong partner?

My opinion is that it is more banthing, I’m afraid shocking to some.I think that many people strongly tend to choose a partner who somehow resembles one of her/his parents. This is often a combination of appearance (colour hair, physique, voice) and behavioural elements. The latter often lead to the repeated unfortunate choices. Harrowing examples I have seen are alcoholism and violence behind the front door.

All the answers I read so far are good.In this my contribution without wanting to repeat too much.

  1. Idealization.

One has wrong and often too great expectations in the relationship, which is fed by various reasons. The ups and downs of healthy relationships are often overly burdensome for many people.

  • One fails to draw lessons from failed relationships.
  • People don’t do their homework and make the same mistakes again. A new flame is sometimes also a flight or comforting agent for a fracture.

  • Fear, impatience and loneliness.
  • One is afraid to be alone. Being Single is also idealized, but when the tip comes to the little, most people prefer to have a partner.

  • Poor self-knowledge and communication.
  • One knows of itself above all the desires, and how the other must fulfill it. The mutual restrictions are often less well-known and/or are trivialized.

  • No good limits.
  • Some people adjust themselves too much in a relationship or want to dominate and change the other. Then they eventually lose contact with themselves and the intimacy with each other.

    The reason I ask this is because I often know in my area that in relational matters the desire is often in adaptation.

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    People choose 鈧?虄the Traffic partner because they fall in love.That just happens because your body reacts to the other body. Nature does not think about equal life goals, equal norms and values, etc.

    Love is a gamble, and some continue to lose.

    But there is a large group that have also lost, and still remain in that same relationship.Making everything seem more successful.

    You need 2 people who really want to go for each other and can see each other’s fewer sides through the fingers.If you take some water with us wine and match the big life goals (children, place of residence,…) Everything is good. The biggest problem is the constant abundance of social possibilities through urbanization and digitisation where the 鈧?艙grass is greener to the overkant 鈧?effect comes to look. As well as the romanticisation of divorce and cheating in the media & showbiz that was not there before.

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