How come an autist, after he claimed at high and low that there would never be another, after a relationship of seven years almost immediately (after 2 months) has another? They can be bad against change anyway. Is this rebound? I’m 50 +.

Equally very honest.. People are people.I with my autism, I try to get out of routines right away, even though I really need them.

The thing is, you have spontaneous autists, creative autists, nerdy autisten, routine Autisten.Of everything. As you also have clutters. Ofwhile, you can also have a midlife crisis. Even if you have autism.

Best tip: Take care of yourself.Follow your feelings. If you don’t take care of yourself, then you can’t worry for others either.

How come you deal with it is a better question.

Focus on yourself.Apparently you have a lot of pain (and of course that is logical).
Does it matter what it is?A rebound or a new solid love?

One thing is for sure, he is not your love anymore.
And that brings sadness and pain with them.
What more pain entails is going to see what he is doing now and then pretending that something has to do with your past with him.

At that time he could not make a representation of this situation because it did not play.Now this plays he behaves as he behaves now.
It is separate from previous statements.

Release it and focus on your own recovery.

Something that helps me in these situations is the following:
‘ No one can give you a feeling without your permission.

Whenever we experience something, we tend to find something about it.And the meaning you give to it determines a great deal of your emotions and mood. How you feel is never directly the result of what you are doing. It is not that there is a kind of remote control for your emotions, which allows them to be controlled remotely. You create your own emotions, no one else! You are the one who makes yourself happy or sad. You create the stress in your body, just as well as the feeling of happiness. ‘

No one can give you a rock feeling without your permission!– PER4MANCE

Think about it.

I honestly do not understand that the autist has sustained it for seven years!!!How can you have had a relationship with an autist for seven years and then have such a bias about us!?

We are all individuals, some may not be good against changes and other though.

After a seven-year relationship, should you actually know whether your ex can be good against changes or not, autism or no autism, in a relationship do you know each other anyway?No one here on Quora can know more about your ex than yourself.

No two autists are the same.There is not one characteristic that all autists have and can not fall against changes there too.

Put it down.This is not the place to learn to deal with your loss. Find a talk group. Talk to your girlfriends.

It does not matter what it is, who he is, what disease or condition he has.Focus on yourself. Your life continues…..

It remains people.Something went wrong.

My estimation would be that this is a rebound.

When my relationship went out I did that much pain, which is an incentive to seek a rebound relationship.Autism has little to do with it.

But there is still an effect of going out of a relationship.You lost your routine, your life is totally overhoped. You miss the other emotionally, but also practically. No more “support”, or division of tasks. That also gives an extra motivation to get your life back “on the ride” and find a relationship. This is extra so for people with ASD, I suspect.

Overall, I am also better able to compartmentalize emotionally.The feelings for one stand apart from the feelings for the other person. It seems to me likely that he thought he was honest about the fact that there would never be another. People with ASD are generally very loyal. But if a relationship is “off”, it may also be quicker to switch to: I like that person.

I don’t know what way the relationship has gone over.I do know that the relationship is over, so why would your ex still show loyalty? What right do you have?

On the other hand, I think he hasn’t processed the emotions for a long time.With me that took years, but I had already built up a relationship with the woman with whom I am married.

The value of words has in some people real value, not at others.

And with many it is somewhere in the middle.

Some people may not stick to their sense of love over time.Something people already know quite often, how they are. But don’t want to tell them, they’re afraid to get rid of that person at that time. Or they’d like you to give more of yourself, what you do only when the other says to be totally invested in the relationship. (as saying there will never be another)

Not everyone is totally honest about what they feel or how they are.Or they are not quite honest about what she felt from the beginning.

If the other is so easy to release, it was ultimately not valuable to the other as it said.And with it also time for yourself to let go.

Love only has value if it is valuable to both.

Time to find something more beautiful and better than this.

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