In most years, the average daily high temperature for November in Seattle ranges from 10 to 13 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature is usually between 3 and 6 °C.

Does November also snow in Seattle?

November is usually the first month that it rains and snows. In November, 1.2 inches (30.5 mm) of snow falls on average with 0.3 snow days.

Second, what is the coldest month in Seattle? January

Also will there be snow in Seattle in November 2019?

November 2019 through October 2020. The winter will be warmer and rainier than normal, with below-normal snowfalls. The coldest periods occur in mid to late December, early and mid to late January, mid February and mid to late March. The snowiest periods occur in mid-December and early to mid-to-late January.

Is it raining in November in Seattle?

The average sliding 31-day rainfall is during November in Seattle increasing, beginning the month at 6.5 millimeters when it rarely exceeds 10.3 millimeters or falls below 2.8 millimeters, and ends the month at 7.4 millimeters when it rarely exceeds 11.6 inches or falls below 3.2 inches.

Has it ever snowed in Seattle in October?

“Because it happened in late September and not late October, snow was possible in Seattle imp – but would be this pattern If it happened even a month later, it probably would have resulted in some snow in Puget Sound.”

Why isn’t Seattle cold?

Seattle is mostly winter. The weather is pacific ocean whose temperature remains relatively constant throughout the year, but occasionally k old air from the interior of the continent into the Puget Sound region, causing dramatic cold snaps, ice, and snow.

How is the winter in Seattle?

The The average winter temperature in Seattle is relatively mild, with January having the coldest monthly temperatures – the average high is 47 degrees Fahrenheit and the average low is 36 degrees. February is usually a few degrees warmer.

More snow coming? to Seattle?

According to the National Weather Service, 14 inches of additional snow is expected in the Seattle area tonight, with up to 5 inches of snow in Everett and 8 inches of snow in Port Angeles. The snow is expected to clear before Wednesday’s morning commute and drivers will have to navigate the icy aftermath.

What should I wear in Seattle?


  • Bring a rain jacket, not an umbrella.
  • Pack hiking gear and head outside.
  • For shoes, a pair of trainers is best from September to May and waterproof boots.
  • In summer, opt for sandals and sneakers.
  • Bring pants, sweaters and warm clothes from September to May.

Is the Farmer’s Almanac correct?

The almanac’s long-term predictions are made 18 months in advance, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac website. According to Sarah Perreault, senior editor, the almanac claims an 80 percent accuracy rate. “We’re working with a meteorologist to determine weather patterns,” Perreault said.

Will Seattle have a snowy winter?

The train of storms, periods of heavy rain and snow in the mountains of the Northwest United States continues this week. But this time, some of the big cities might get in the snow. Snowflakes fell early Monday on places that had no snow so far in 2020, like Seattle.

What is there to do in Seattle in November?

What is there to do in Seattle? Seattle: 8 things not to miss this November

  • Seattle International Comedy Competition – November 2nd – 29th.
  • Seahawks Home Games – November 5th & 20th.
  • Christmas Wine Festival – November 11th.
  • The Northwest Chocolate Festival – November 11th-12th. November.
  • The Great Junk Hunt Holiday Market – November 17-18 November.
  • Green Lake Gobble – November 19.
  • Magic in the Market Holiday Celebration – November 25.

How many days does it take to be in Seattle?

Just want to see things downtown Seattle? For that I would say that 2-3 days would be enough for the highlights (Pike Place Market, Space Needle, Waterfront, Pioneer Square, etc.).

Does Seattle have snow?

Seattle‘s weather is regulated by the Pacific Ocean, whose temperature remains relatively even throughout the year. Although Seattle does not receive as much snow on average as many parts of the country, snowfall is not uncommon and can be heavy.

What is the rainiest month in Seattle?

What is the rainiest month Month?

What is the rainiest month in Seattle? the rainiest month in Seattle? November is the month with the most rainfall. Rain falls for 18.4 days, collecting 6.6 inches (166.9 mm) of precipitation.

What is Seattle Known For?

What is Seattle Most Famous For? Seattle is known to many as the Emerald City because of its famous, lush evergreen forests. Known as the home of the first Starbucks, Seattle is sure to be a hit with coffee lovers, as there are said to be almost 2,000 coffee shops across the city.

What clothes should you pack for Seattle in November?

If you’re visiting the city in October or November, here’s the plan for what to wear in Seattle: Think button-down plaids with long sleeves, shirts with skinny jeans. Bring your new fall boots – preferably leather riding boots with a rounded toe and little to no heel. Wear them with your skinnies or colorful opaque tights.

When did it snow last? in Seattle?

Last year we had 21 inches total, 2018 1 inch, 2017 13, 2016 1 inch, 2015 1 lane and 2014 just under 4 inches. Last year was the most snow since 1985 when we had 17.5 inches between the Huskies and the Cougars during the Ice Bowl in November.

How safe is Seattle?

You’ll hear people say that Seattle is a safe city and has its dangerous side. In fact, both are true. Especially if you’re visiting the city and staying in populated areas, you probably won’t go wrong. In fact, Seattle is considered one of the safest cities for hikers.

Why is Seattle so cold?

Seattle, on the other hand, has an average temperature of 40 F. Well above freezing. This is because of Seattle‘s proximity to the Pacific Ocean, which acts as a moderator for Seattle‘s temperatures—warming Seattle in the winter and cooling it down in the summer. And provides clouds and humidity all year round.

Will it snow in Seattle in December 2019?

Based on all of the above, our forecast for winter 2019-20 is: 10 to 12 inches of snow in Seattle (average winter snowfall is 5.9 inches). A significant cold spell in December or January. Less rain than normal due to the likelihood of an ongoing blockage pattern.