How can you think too much?

Can you think too much?

Of course, worrying is to and not productive, but pondering itself is done rather too little, than too much.

However, it is wise not to go down on your own wisdom.There are. So many people were in front of you who were wiser, or at least saw something different. It is always wise to bring other angles.

As far as worrying is concerned, I suffer more often if I get too little sleep.It’s not the cause of worrying, but when I’m tired, I don’t have the energy to stop worrying.

In addition, it is always wise to talk to someone you trust.Share your worries. Sometimes they don’t seem to be as bad as you thought, but you need someone else to show you that. Or if the problem is as big as you thought, you can find a solution together instead Of just one.

Together you are always stronger.

I don’t think there is such a thing as too much thought.

What you can do is to think about things in a wrong way, or to let your emotions get along.

In your tags you put 鈧?艙angst 鈧? So I think you may have too much fear before, which will affect your thinking, so you may have too many negative thoughts.In that case, you may be able to benefit from cognitive (behavioral) therapy or forms of meditation and mindfullness or stoicism

By welding a pieker moment.Choose a moment when you will be worrying and pondering every day half an hour, for example at 8 o’clock 鈧?虄evening. You’re doing really hard your best to worry about. At first, it may not succeed, but that doesn’t matter.

After that half-hour you say to yourself that you have to stop.Every time you want to start worrying again, you say to yourself that you will be doing that tomorrow again at 8 o’clock.

It may sound weird, but I myself worrier a lot under the shower.It might cost a lot of water, but I’m really going to think about it in the shower (I’m literally sitting there). After that, my head is usually empty.

Too much thought is a very common and destructive habit.

Because it stops people from leading the life they really want.

Obviously, thinking thoroughly can be something very good.But too much thought can cause you to remain standing still in your life.And that you sabotage the good things in your life.

I can also take this into account: I used to think so much that it often stopped me from taking action.But in the meantime I have learned new habits that greatly help me to think 鈧?虄slimmer and to live with more satisfaction and less fear. I like to share them with you.

1.View the bigger picture

Often we think too much about the little things in life.Therefore, ask yourself:

Will this be even more important in 5 years?Or even about 5 weeks?

Increasing your perspective with this simple question helps to quickly get out of the over-thinking.And to focus your time and energy on things that are really important to you.

2.Give yourself a shorter time to decide

Set yourself a time limit to decide and take action.Otherwise, you will continue to turn your mind around and view them from all angles in your mind.

Learn to decide better by setting deadlines in your daily life.Whether it is a small or a big decision.

Where I used to see the menu on restaurant for minutes, I now require myself to make a choice within 30 seconds.For larger Belissingen where I used to do days or weeks sometimes, I use a 30-minute deadline or the end of the day.

3.Move Small Steps

A habit that also works very well is to put small steps forward: Focus one stepat a time.You feel less overwhelmed and you tend to postpone less. Even though you feel some fear, a small step helps not to paralyate you by that fear.

4.Realization: I can’t check everything

Fifty times everything you think about is because you want to check everything.To not run the risk of failure.

But mistakes and failures just deliver your life experience.Therefore, stop checking with everything. Surely you can’t see all the possible Scenario s in advance.

5.Say stop against your thoughts

You don’t being your thoughts.You make them though. You can also stop them. And then it sometimes helps to say just 鈧?虄Stop against negative thoughts that arise at a time when you don’t want to.

6.Spend more time at the present moment

Worries and stress you get by thinking a lot about the past or the future.By dwell in the present moment you avoid that.

How can you spend more in the 鈧?虄nu ?Slow down what you are doing, tell yourself 鈧?虄now I am at it… (Cycling, walking, washing off) , and take very attentively. Experience the present moment with all your senses: what do you see, what do you hear, what do you feel, what smell, what do you taste?

7.Spend more time with people ni脙 漏 t all over-thinking

Of course, your social environment also plays a role: not only the people around you, but also what you read, look at and listen to.

So find ways to spend more time with people and resources that have a positive effect on your thinking.

Read the Bible in surrender, and pray in confidence to Jezus 鈧?娄

This is a question with a quite broad answer.I assume you are too far negative thinking through meant with your question.

Distraction is very necessary.

In addition, it is also important to realise that certain thoughts are simply unrealistic and that it is really between his ears.From experience I speak, when I say that this is very difficult to realize and accept in the beginning. (From what you think too much about) But it will be easier to do with time. And that’s just because you really look at and live, that things really aren’t as bad as you’ve put up in your head.

If you mean “worrying” with thought, then an opinion is what is often given: constrain!You can do that by eg. 1/2 hours a day aside for your gepieker, and when negative thoughts stand up during the day, they hard-handed refer to that one period.

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