How can you relax your facial muscles to be able to speak more calmly to an audience?

[“That can’t. Those facial muscles are a result of what is happening inside you. You can only relax by gaining more confidence as a speaker. I would say, first prepare very well, so that you know the text on your thumb and practice it first enter a small group of people.

“,” What action relaxes the muscles most?

[Now I hope that you know that the answer must be ‘ laughing ‘.

Hopefully, there’s WiFi in that location and you can get connected to the Internet on your laptop, Notepad or phone.

Then search Youtube for videos, where you have to laugh and watch them.

What, incidentally, also helps against nerves is to practice what you have to say so well, that you can even carry it in your sleep.

The ‘ trick ‘ with presenting you to an audience that is naked, or in underwear, does not always work.Certainly not if there is no proverb in front of you, or if the audience is on, the location just isn’t beautiful.

Which also helps: choose one person from the audience and “tell” what you have to say to that one person.Look at the occasional side;-)

Success with the presentation!

I think it’s going to be able to relax your facial muscles only to make sure you can speak more quietly to an audience or give the impression that you are quiet.

When you speak for an audience, it’s your entire body language that makes you feel at your audience.And of course your voice. Someone who is not made to speak to an audience is often so nervous that you notice that the speaker loses control over a regular breathing. You notice a “vibrating” voice where the speaker is irregularly gasping because he/she is forgetting to breathe regularly and quietly.

That puts a process in motion whereby the speaker himself realizes to make a very bad impression and in most cases the only remaining possibility is to drip off.

But that relaxing the facial piers would make you a quieter speaker, I can’t believe.At least I have never heard it before.

What a good tool is: practicing on your abdominal breathing: When you are under control, you are able to relax and control your entire body.But that will not necessarily mean that you are able to speak for an audience. Some people may end up after a lot of exercise, others are unable to attract anything who or what is in front of them and from the first attempt to create the impression never to have done something else. Again, with whatever training, others will never be able to speak to an audience.

That’s like everything else: discovering what you can or can’t do.Occasionally firmly on your jaw, can be painful, but is a good learning school.

Exercise, for a mirror and talk, talk, talk.


Facial piers can be relaxed by quelling your eyebrows for example, but if you can speak of this calmer I don’t think, this has indeed to do with your emotions and stress level.

Magnesium is a dietary supplement to relieve stress and helps in deeper sleep, which is rather the cause, outdoors as well (as mentioned previously) your self-confidence.

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