How can you prevent your family from criticizing your decision to make your newborn child grow up vegan?

I also really don’t recommend to educate vegan babies.

Even plant eaters give milk to their babies because they need all those building materials.Otherwise, deer and calves would only eat grass after birth.

But yeah….In any case, know that it is punishable or condemned in many countries. And it won’t last very long for that here as well. Until we have good substitutes.

Newborns preferably need breast milk, and there is still a high risk of nutrient shortages with vegan baby milk.If you want to do this, please do it in consultation with your GP or a dietitian and keep an eye on the B12. If it gets too low, then accept that your child will in any case need some animal products for a period. You can, for example, buy free range or organic eggs. Chickens lay unfertilized eggs anyway, so it is not that those chickens that are free-range or organically kept are given very unnatural behavior.

By preventing your child from looking pale, small and malnourished and energetic every day at school, you can avoid a lot, but people are genuinely worried about small children on a vegan diet, and not without reason.Show that you have been thinking about the risks and that you are willing to be temporarily less strict with veganism when your child gets bothered. Children need more (animal) proteins to grow and be able to participate in school.

I find this a mega difficult subject because I find different things.

I think you shouldn’t impose your faith/conviction on a child so he or she can develop it.Here the ambivalence begins immediately when we start looking at how that would go into practice. Because you are already vegan, so to buy the ordinary products especially for the child while you are not using it, I would find that unreasonable. Where is the boundary, also knowing that a child will automatically follow your example if you stay on the same course.

And later, how severe are you going to be?Can the child decide later on ‘ mom, this is nothing for me? ‘ or is the high treason if the child alone fantasizes about a Frikandel?

And that is perhaps also what other people find objectionably.I don’t know many vegans, but the ones that have chosen that I know depend on it as a belief. Others are bad, we are good. So basically it has nothing to do with the veganism, but with the behavior of the people.
And that, of course, does not have to be the issue at all, but I think that is certainly a point that causes people to criticise.

In addition, as others also indicate, how well are you informed.I hardly can imagine that you prefer your ‘ faith ‘ above your child, but hey you wouldn’t be the first. That also plays a role for people. People know little about it so make sure you know it.

Last but not least.

If you really are convinced of yourself, who cares.What are they actually interfering with? Criticism we all have free lying in the attic, next to the ladder with which we could have reached you if we had extended our helping hand.

What Pauly says: Maybe it’s no criticism, but concern.Then they are afraid that the small malnourished touches. So give explanations and make clear why it is feasible. Or vice versa: accept it if it appears that it is not feasible.

Two ways, no more.

  1. Not do it.

No vegan baby, no criticism.

  • Break with your family.
  • No family, no criticism.

    Another option is of course with a few pediatricians talking and seeing how realistic it is to bring a baby big on an ideology instead of the nutrients that T needs.

    If your child is healthy, t may not hurt, but you’re going to have to be damn careful that your pandey get everything that T needs.If someone tells you that T is easy, keep in mind that that person may not be really aware or a different definition of easy handling.

    Let yourself be guided, inform you, monitor and follow on and am not holier than the pope.As a parent, your first responsibility is to your child, not to Mother Nature. If you think otherwise you’d better not have children made. Some vegan choices have nothing to do with animal If vegetable, but with principles, e.g. honey. Try to be a little more flexible for your child, if you need one.

    Regardless of everything, even this: whatever you do, someone will always be critical.

    If you can’t do that, you can… Then that’s your problem, not that of your family.

    It’s not your job to avoid criticism but to get your child big and strong.That is difficult enough.

    I would only cut the subject if the little craked for something other than vegan follow-up milk.No one is saying that you have that stuff in your house. That will take a while.

    You cannot prevent this because eh the majority of the investigations indicate that the margareten is difficult I hope for you that you have done enough research to be able to catch the common deficiencies that occur in the diet.Your child will not be able to thank you if there are all complications and growth delays because you want to avoid meat and animal products in his or her diet if necessary. I am a jerk to the truth that the brains are fully grown so 27 I would give me child just flesh but that’s me. Am wondering how this will expire or there will be no problems. I hope you are a little intelligent vegan and not a stupid one who gives her cat no flesh and that the poor cat lays the Humayon. Find this too bad because you don’t give the person you educate the choice you are as a parent responsible as long as the child cannot make choices. Would also be what the result is compared to an 18 year old who has had meat and animal products. I am curious how it goes with the fetus as I assume that you are not eating meat during the development of the baby in your belly. All in all I find the overanswer and egoistic you do not have a pocket to feel the moral better I do not contribute to the suffering of critters if your Eric Daniels is going to suffer there soon because you are smother to just eat some meat fish cheese and eggs. If you can guarantee me 1000% that it does not inflicts damage and that your child is not worse off as a meat eating then you have my blessing. Find this risky because I find the life and well-being of your future child more important if you have principles or moral objections to take those things to you, but I am and this will still hear you a lot of people unless you can prove the contrary, but that would not be D At the expense of your child’s full future potential.

    It is very dangerous to feed a child vegan.In Sweden, just another couple have surfaced whose child has a severe growth and developmental disadvantage, just by a vegan education. The child will be handicapped for life. The child is removed from home and the parents will be condemned. There have apparently been some cases in recent years in Sweden.

    So please, don’t go that way on…

    You can not prevent this.Criticism you will always get. How you deal with it is another story.

    Most people will simply not understand that from moral considerations you are taking the risk that your child will not get enough of the right substances that it needs to grow healthy.People are omnivores who simply need certain nutrients. And certainly when they are still in development. There are currently not enough artificial substitutes that give very small children what they need.

    People will be or condemn parents of a “vegan-baby” in the same way as they do with parents in the Bible-belt, who refuse to graft their children against polio.They consider that in the best case as stupid, but sometimes just as abuse. A child’s essential nutrients memorize from moral considerations they host under the same cup.

    My personal opinion is that you should not want to impose a child something like that.You also place it in advance in isolation. Think of things like birthday parties, school treats, etc. Children look at what friends and girlfriends can and want. By forcing them to live as vegan, you already put them in psychological terms to 1 -0 lag relative to their peers.
    This is also true for me as regards matters such as faith, political preference and all other important matters of life.You can give your posterity everything from everything, but want to become their best selves, I think children should be given the space to come to beliefs themselves. Because they decided, and not because someone else thinks it should/should/is desirable.

    That said: If you are well aware of the risks and are prepared to take all the measures necessary to keep your child healthy, you give your child the space for their own input, then it does not make a bag out of what others think of it.

    But I wouldn’t do it.

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