How can you make sure that your fears prevent you becoming the person you want to be?

Does the other like me?

Am I okay enough for this job?

Will my relationship still persist?

Does the other not reject me?

Will I succeed in this company?

What can all be missing?

Do you recognize one or more of these inner fears?

They are very human. But in some people these inner fears develop into complexes in the long term.And these fears can then prevent you becoming the person you want to be.

To avoid this, you can apply one or more of the following nine tips to get your inner fear.And to experience more freedom and happiness in your life.

1.Know it’s OK to be afraid

When you try to denyyour inner fear, it becomes even stronger.

Therefore, realize that being afraid of something is a normal human reaction.

This acceptance is the first step to overcome your fear.

2.You are what you think

You can build confidence in yourself by thinking positively about yourself.When we are very worried, we tend to propose the worst imaginable Scenario s that are often inconsistent with reality.

To overcome your inner fears, you can also come up with the positive outcomes .This way you develop the power to face a situation.

Don’t let your imagination go on the course, but send it in a positive direction.


Expose yourself to your fear

Inner fears often overcome by confrontation.The best way to overcome your fear is to explore it and discover what frightens you most.

For example, if you’re afraid of spinning, start looking at a spider.The next time you can touch the spider with a stick, and so you can go on. This way you overcome your fear in phases .

4.Get fascinated by your fear

Be so fascinated by your fear that you will enjoy it.

Think of people practicing extreme sports .Are they afraid of altitude, waterfalls and speed? But in some way they choose to face their fear, rather than letting themselves paralyze by fear.

By seeing your fear as a positive source of energy, you will embrace the fear and eventually overcome it.

5.Reward yourself

Celebrate every step towards overcoming your fear.Give yourself a paton the shoulder.

6.Breathe slowly

When confronted with your inner fear, your body responds as well.

Remember at those times that breathing slowly helps your body to relax, no matter what your brain reminds you.


When you experience a sudden panic attack, your brain is usually over-emotionally and your logic drops.

The best thing you can do at that moment is to use another part of your brain , and force yourself to think in a logical and analytical way.

Therefore, scale your fear on a scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is the highest state of fear. When you feel anxious, ask yourself what the level of your fear is.

By analyzing your state of mind in this way, you are already prone to a quieter state of mind.

8.Know that you are not alone

Many people consider their fears to be exclusive.

By thinking that many others have had the same kind of fears or are still going through, you feel better.

9.Write It off you

Keep a diary and describe your feelings when you become anxious.

These are nine simple ways to overcome your inner fears.

By practicing these from time to time, you give yourself the chance to become stronger against your fears.

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