How can you learn to encode without a course?

Pretty simple.

Through apps or websites such as:

By practicing in a virtual sandbox:

By viewing open source projects on to see how best to solve certain problems.

By asking your questions on -or answering them there.

By starting a hobby project and learning the technique already underway.

By watching YouTube videos, like the great videos of:

  • ProgrammingKnowledge
  • Treehouse
  • Learncode. Academy
  • Derek Banas (TIP)
  • TheNewBoston (TIP)
  • Kudvenkat

Useful Links

If you are behind a computer, press F12.In the panel that appears, go to the tab 鈧?虄console . Do not withdraw from the error messages. Tap or copy alert('hello world'); and enter key.You get a pop up with the text 鈧?虄hello world . Click 鈧?虄ok . You have coded without course. This console, which is located in all major browsers, is known as JavaScript, which is now the most important programming language in the world. You can learn a lot by playing with it and even more by searching for information on the Internet, all without going on course.

Yes you can.That’s called self-study. In fact, almost all programmers get knowledge in this way.

Sometimes it is useful to master the basics in the form of a course and then search the rest yourself.

The term 鈧?艙cursus 鈧?is very vague incidentally.If you don’t want to be in a classroom OID you can also follow many tutorials online, some with keys even.

There are many resources available to help you get started.Videos on YouTube, online programming documentation.

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