How can you learn to better control your anger if you regularly suffer from anger attacks?


This is a super good question!
It is great that you are asking this question at all.
This means that you are aware of the problem
And that’s always the first step in solving it!
Here are a few steps you can take:

  1. Snap the problem
    Why am I getting angry?
    When do I get angry?
    Who do I get angry with?
    Is it right?

    Personally, I am always angry for this reason: I do not get what I find that I deserve.

Such as:
You are offended: you deserve to be treated with respect.
You have been lied to: you deserve to be treated honestly.
Someone frustrates you: you deserve your rest.

  • Recognize the problem
    How does it feel when you start getting angry?
    What makes that feeling worse?
    Do you lose control?

    It is very important to recognise anger attacks on time, before it is too late. Try to take away, create fresh air, drink some, and so on.

  • Or say you need to calm down.

  • Take action
    What do I do with the next anger attack?
    How do I avoid nasty situations where I get angry?
    What can I do to make me feel less angry?

    It’s hard to change your behavior.

  • There is no simple solution, everything goes with small steps. Think what you’re doing next time, avoid nasty situations and, indeed, try to get rid of your anger in a different way!

    My tip is to simply ask yourself such questions, write them down and answer them.YOU HAVE THE ANSWER. Be honest with yourself!

    I speak purely from my own experience, so don’t pin me to it.

    I hope you have some!

    Yoga, boxing, fitness, running… In short, you can better control your anger by stopping your energy in physical activities.In addition, meditating also helps (if only one minute). Writing and talking about your problems also helps well. Chances are, in any case, that it only gets worse by being an inner fatter.

    In addition to the two excellent answers already given, I would like to give two more tips.

    1. Change your language usage.

    You are now about anger and anger attacks. That is fierce language. You could change that. Instead of anger you could opt for slight irritation or hassle.

  • It also looks like it’s coming to you, or you’re being attacked by anger.
  • That is not so. You ‘ do ‘ the attack. What you feel is only energy that is in motion, where you have thoughts. The movement allows you to change and the thoughts you can leave for what they are: thoughts. Nothing more and nothing less. You’re always free to think everything you want, but that doesn’t make it any more truth. Place yourself next to the thoughts and say to yourself “yes, they are thoughts too, I can also think of something more fun”.

    It boils down to your own responsibility for how you react to information that enters and your thoughts about it and is the only reality that exists one that you create at any time in your brain.If you look at it in the context of the history of the Big Bang until now it is all completely irrelevant.

    Take your responsibility and always choose to make your world more enjoyable and beautiful than it has been.Have fun.

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