How can you learn German quickly?

In the end, it depends on why you want to learn German.Do you need it for an exam? For the job? For study? Or because you want to live in Germany?

It depends to a large extent on how you should proceed.Because you should learn exactly the content you need for your personal goal.

Let us start from the standard case.You want to learn German to talk in German.

Before I come to how you have to do it, first of all an interview in which I interview 3 YouTube German teachers on exactly this topic:

To learn German (and any other language) you have to practice 2 skills: Input and Output.You have to hear German and speak it.

First, you should hear and understand as much German as possible.The more you hear German, the better the sentence and speech patterns are stored. Automatically, you don’t have to do anything else.

Learn German like children

It’s like children: first they listen very carefully and at some point they start producing words and sentences themselves.These are corrected by the parents and teachers until they speak German fluently and virtually flawlessly.

That’s what you have to do.Just listen a lot in German and understand it. Later speak a lot yourself and let you be corrected. In this way, you learn grammar and vocabulary almost automatically.

Important: Always listen to comprehensible content

You should always understand all content.You don’t have to understand every single word, but you should understand the meaning. You should understand what it’s all about. But it must not be too easy either.

That’s why you always choose material that is a bit heavier than what you’re understanding.So that it is just so understandable. As long as you understand the meaning, everything is good.

Good sources of audio material

  1. Deutsche Welle has a lot of material: LEARN ENGLISH | DW
  2. Here are the best YouTube channels to learn English: “The 60 best YouTube channels for language learning (+ a few bonus channels)!
  3. Here are the best podcasts to learn German: “The 60 best free podcasts to learn languages (plus a few bonus podcasts)

Conversations with tandem partners or German teachers

As soon as you have a good understanding of German, you start to practice speaking German.You do this either with a German teacher, e.g. on italki or with a tandem partner. You can find out how this works here:

  1. Tandem partner for free calls in German: “Tandem partner: Quickly (+ free) find a language tandem!
  2. Find German teachers on italki: italki Test: Speak a foreign language fluently with native speakers

Conclusion: How to learn German

So if you always focus on these 2 skills: listening and speaking, then you will learn German successfully.

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