How can you imagine space-time?

In everyday life, we have our idea of everything: space and time.These are fixed terms for us. Our room has 100 m2, the pitcher has 1 liter, it has passed an hour.

And there comes one of us talking about SPACE TIME! So a combination of space and time.So it creates a direct connection, a dependence on each other. and thus they are no longer fixed sizes. They become dynamic objects.

The physicist says a complex tensorfield, a metric.So completely on its own without anything. so without mass and energy this field is flat, flat.A teacher of Albert Einstein suspected that space and time are connected in a four-dimensional space-time continuum, which is why this is often referred to as the Minkowski world.Albert Einstein, then formulated this further and stipulated that space-time is bent by energy forms (this is at the bottom)

And the idea of this curvature and togetherness is truly no easy task.Let us stick to our 100m2 of space with its three spatial dimensions, namely length, width and height. And we walk through and on and come into the next 100m2 space with its three spatial dimensions

What happened?We walked through two rooms… Is that all? No, we have also moved through time. So by length, width, height and time. Four different simultaneous dimensions. The quintessence of space-time is that space and time are no longer independent of each other, but inseparably correlate with eachother.

And that should be a continuum?Sure, if you didn’t have space, they wouldn’t be able to determine the time and vice versa, without time, the space wouldn’t. Bodies move not only through space, but also always throughtime.While an athlete is chasing the ball, he moves through the spatial dimensions through time. The gate, which seems to be standing around stupidly, moves constantly through time.

Then players move and run behind the ball, his movement shortens in time.The same applies the other way round. The gate does not move in space but in time. Either you move quickly through the room, or quickly throughtime.

The togetherness of space and time at extremely high speeds is particularly clear.Imagine the future; they are sitting in a spaceship that reaches 2/3 of the speed of light, i.e. 200,000 kilometers per second

This spaceship is therefore moving enormously fast through space.If you could do that from Earth and compare your watch to one on the spaceship, you’d notice that the spaceship clock is ticking only two-thirds as fast as its own. The spacecraft therefore moves slowly through time. And because this is the case, the time for the travellers subjectively passes to the next star as in flight.

Another example: if you drive on a straight highway directly to the east, you arrive exactly as it was planned, but if you want to go north, you never get closer to the north, but drive a little north and east, but come north but less quickly to the east.Conversely, the same applies. Importantly, the combined speed (from space and time) is always exactly the same, equal to the speed of light.

So and then comes the lecture, masses and energy influence space-time.

Let’s do a trick (this ancient example is taken again and again, but I don’t have a better one) and suppress the height and time dimensions.We stretch a stretchy blanket over a frame.So only one surface and no info about time (you remember top flat, flat space-time without presence of masses).

Now take a heavy metal ball and place it on the blanket.What do you see? Right, the cloth is curved. You get a ‘delle’ , a curved space-time. The depth of the dent is a measure of the curvature of space-time. When you look at our Earth in space, it makes a dent.

The dent is a result of an extended mass.

In excess, there is a collapse and a blackhole, which are described by the Black Shield metric (static) or Kerr metric (rotating).

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