How can you focus on your goals without being distracted?

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what do you want to focus on?

First, you need to identify your distractions.

Distractions are according to DR. Jan Höpker, who has written an ingenious book on this subject:

An allure or thought that penetrates your consciousness and prevents you from getting closer to your goal by detaching and attracting your attention from your goals.

Distractions are without a doubt the biggest preventers of your concentration.

Four main reasons for being distracted:


Distraction through the social environment.

2.Distraction through one’s own thoughts.

a.Stress-causing thoughts like: have I exhibited the stovetop? Concentrated work is no longer possible.

b.Thoughts on important but not urgent tasks, e.g. purchases, or the question: what did the boss mean by this sentence? These keep coming up, which makes concentration difficult.

c.Random thoughts, e.g. why did the butcher not have mett buns today? They come and go, get you out of your concentration.

3.Digital distraction means dealing with smartphones, the Internet and social media.These distractions keep us coming out of concentration. You enter into a dependency and only react, get into the foreign determination.


Distraction by the media means that we are constantly distracted by the constant consumption of TV and news.Most messages are irrelevant to you personally. They don’t help you. On the contrary, they bring you mentally out of your concentration.

Which of these things distract you?You must now switch them off if possible.

There are many other factors that could affect your concentration.In his book, Dr. Jan Höpker mentions the following factors:

a.Your diet: Are you eating healthily?In addition, care must be taken to ensure that you cannot reach a high concentration with a full stomach. Your body is busy digesting and needs energy and blood that is not available to the brain for concentrated work.

b.Your sleeping habits: Are you sleeping enough?Too little sleep, which you often have in stressful phases, leads to less concentration and a higher error rate.

c.Your physical activity: Are you sufficiently able to do so?According to Dr. Höpker, you can compare your brain to a factory where concentration is produced. Like any factory, your brain depends on the raw materials delivered and the removal of the waste materials. The above processes take place in the bloodstream. If you exercise, they will be transported faster.

D.How motivated are you for your task? Do you feel motivated by money or praise and recognition?Or are you motivated by yourself? In the long run, every intrinsic motivation beats the appeal from the outside through money, praise and material values.

You can increase your concentration by using it like a muscle!!!!Therefore, your concentration will automatically increase due to the above mentioned points.

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