How can you find a trustworthy publisher, and have your book printed on a large scale?

The Hugo Claus method

Hugo.Ever heard of it? He was young, loved life, the women. And they of our Hugo. Hugo’s best story was that about herself. At his seventeenth from school, to his own say the free nature accomodate. That school is correct. The versions followed, including those of Hugo zelve. He said he was bursting with artistic talent: writing, closing, painting, drinking at someone else’s expense and selling himself… He could do something here and there, but was nowhere really good at it. This is: if we leave the creation of his own myth unmentioned.

At the 21st he had written a booklet.He received enough envelopes from his PA’s secretary, who made them unseen by the postage meter between the company post.
The book saw Hugo as a style break in the history of Flemish literature.Even more, a fresh wind in all the letters that Hugo was able to enumerate after five pints.

Hugo knew exactly which European and, yes, American publishing houses were trustworthy.Given ‘ The Metsiers ‘ only in the only language that Hugo was powerful, a West-Flemish seasoned Dutch, existed, the postal services only had to cross one European border: the Belgian-Dutch. For now at least.

Oh, how bitter did the Hugo, when he found out after weeks and, sometimes, months, that he had wrongly estimated the reliability of the publishers.She was never lacking a rejection.

Hugo’s father, who managed a printing company, knew exactly what Hugh was not telling him.Four years after his son went from school, he was much closer to the provincial Kortrijk than to the place-where-it-all-happened, Paris.
“Uhoo, Toogt da boekske ne k猫r a mie.”
Hugo bite his teeth, but a commer莽ant like his father, he chose eggs for his money.

His father went to work and that week, in addition to the fixed edition of his weekly advertising newspaper, rolled out another 250 copies of that Boekske of serve Keikop van n’a ‘ Uhoo of the presses.

Luttel knew Pa Claus that he had thus delivered his son a career of 60 years as ‘ eternal promise ‘ and national doyenne of ‘ just not ‘.

NB to write a good book, you have to work hard.Write about any topic and you walk after half a page. Rock hard with your head against the wall. Facts knowledge is quasi impossible the result of own experience. Solution: Research, observation, persevere in the study… And just that, Hugo lacked. He overplayed his hand and he would rather have studied the classical Greek canon on the basis of translations of Paters on whose names ‘ s.J. ‘ followed than to deepen themselves in ‘ le mot juste ‘ or the distinction between Thracian and other dialects. And like Homer, who himself often lost in uncontrollable storylines and left the whole thing in medias res for what she was by welding a divine intervention, Hugo also sometimes dared to operate scissors and glue pot. Not a human being. Meanwhile, Onznen Ugoo spoke of an affected Dutch, he heard the elite and asked the people no more about what he knew as much as they did about his stage adaptations. Homer may be counted among the founding fathers of Western dramaturgy, it does not prevent him from living in such a different world that time is also his job. No one goes to those executions to understand them and fathom them. They go there for the snacks and the drinks, to do that a favor and to be able to speak once. Everyone agrees on the eternity value of what they did not followed after 10 minutes. Ugoo’s work is a prestigious occasion to drink 5 piles and to silence the reason of the convivial together.
Read a lot of books from others, see how they deal with the problems that are in your case pile up.
Do not look too far.You will not reinvent the literature.
Remember that you will have to get rid of the result without getting hungry.

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