How can you fall asleep very quickly?

Few good sleeping pills do it though, you want a more natural solution to make sure your melatonin hormone level is higher.

Melatonin is a natural hormone.This regulates your sleep. These can be taken as pill form or in natural way increase.

1. Rhythm, set your alarm clock the same every day and go to bed at the same time, also weekends.Not more than half an hour from these times.

2.No electronic devices, the light interfered with your biological clock.

3.No hearty meals 3 hours before sleeping.

4.No caffeine or green tea for sleep.

5.Weed and Alcohol seem to be good for sleep but appearances are deceiving, this means you never get into your REM sleep. (Deep Sleep)

6.Reduce stres! Take it easy, make sure your crap is done before sleeping so you can go to bed with peace of mind. Do not succeed, do some breathing exercises put your hands next to your body close your eyes do 4 second inhale 4 out concentrate completely on your breathing.

7.A massage, does wonders

8.Like sex.

9.Make sure your environment is sleep proof, no hardcore music or laser lights try to sleep in a cold, as dark room as possible. Cold environment really helps so put that thermostat a little lower.

10.Sport and eat healthily, your body can best equip it if it has had effort.

And no, you can really deviate from time to time, but try to keep the thread and I also struggle with it as a teenager;)

Bonus My ma always gave me hot milk when I was small, my granny yogurt.

Lots of sleep fun!

I personally use an MP3 player with podcasts.I divide my weekly portion of podcasts into very interesting and rather sleepingly. The latter I put on when I go to sleep. That way I’m not thinking of all the things I still have to do, but listen to something that is not so interesting that I stay awake.

There is even a podcast “Sleep with Me” in which the presenter has a wonderfully monotonous voice and quite associative talks about everything and nothing.

All powerful, even falling asleep should be a feat.Match, who first falls asleep?

Research has been done.
A technique that allows soldiers (who can sleep and always be employable) to sleep quickly comes down as follows:

  • Relax your Eyes
  • Then relax the rest of your face, and your body.
  • And then the most surprising: think: “I don’t think of anything”

I found the latter strange, because how can you not think about it.But because you think “I don’t think about anything” you concentrate on that weird phrase, and all sorts of worries are suddenly in the background.
I’m going to use the technique, and I like it.
Here a description:

Technique from the military: so you fall asleep within two

A cup of coffee and immediately go to sleep.

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