How can you create your own website for free or to build?

You need three things:

  1. Webspace – this is storage space on the Internet on which your website is stored.
  2. Domain – this is the name under which your website can be found.

It also goes without, then it is a long number (the IP address).

  • The source code – these are texts that give the browser of the website visitor commands what your website should look like.
  • Normally, all of it costs money.The source code is written by a programmer / web designer. The webspace is rented from a server company. The domain also costs a certain amount per year.

    However, there are some providers that provide free webspace.If you are studying, you can ask, for example, your university’s data center. There are also some on the free market, but most have certain restrictions so that you can use this service, they usually require you to show advertisements on your site. If I were to make a concrete recommendation, it would be Lima City.

    The domain is almost never free, but sometimes included in the prices for webspace at a server provider.The price of domains is very different depending on the ending (.de is very cheap, .tv is very expensive, and then there is everything in between). There was once a provider who offered for free .tk domains, but on successful websites with many clicks he simply terminated the contract and sold the now known domain expensively. .de Domains are available from 5鈧?year, for large customers at Hetzner even from 3.90鈧?year.

    The source code is the simplest of all of this.With a little time you can learn to write it yourself. For the start it is enough to learn HTML and CSS, this is best done at W3 Schools. But there are also good books and websites in German.

    If you don’t want to learn it yourself, then you’re lucky that a great open source community has evolved since the beginning of the computer age.Open source means “open source code”. For example, as an alternative to expensive software such as MS Office or Adobe Photoshop, there are often free open source variants such as Libre Office or GIMP. And just such free software is also available for websites. The most famous is certainly WordPress. You can also use this if you have little to no idea about HTML etc. Have.

    And now?

    Now you would sign up for Lima City, create your free .TK domain and enter the IP address of your Lima City server in the form (how this is usually in the help pages of the participants) and then on the webspace your WordPress blog Install.The whole thing takes less than 1 hour.

    Whatever you can, and where you have to worry much less, is a ready-made free website service.Eg. Tumblr. There are many of them, too. But always remember: no company gives you anything because it has none of it. If you want to be on the Safe Side, then take paid services (webspace and domain are often available together for only 5鈧?month) or use the offers of the open source community.

    Greetings 🙂

    PS: the Quora Moderation has removed the links to the mentioned pages because it is spam.So you have to try the search engine of your trust to get to suitable / named providers of webspace or domains, corresponding open source software or learning pages for source code. Good luck 🙂

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