How can you be more receptive to talking to people you don’t know?

By first realizing that it is very positive that you want this.

The fact that you ask this question tells me that you are already more open to this.I think that everyone will find it exciting to talk to strange people because you don’t yet know where you are, how the other person responds to you. You are still exposed to the buttocks as it were. Last year I spent 7 months organizing a lunch creature for foreign people to get to know each other to expand their network. I did this for myself because I like to get to know new people but I also know that a lot of other people are in need of this. This is something that was told to me regularly by the people I met. It was separate; I really came across many different type of people. People who do not seem to me at all. People from other cultures. People with a unique outlook on life. People who, for example, did not speak a word but still came to my meet-up because for example they are new in the country for a study or work and such and sought contact. Other people were again very easy to even dominate or more reluctant and not so open about themselves but very curious. I learned a lot about myself during this period and especially in the sense I personally need when it comes to closing new friendships.

If you want to learn this, for example, because you are shy, I would like to encourage you to chat with someone spontaneously.You can start this very simple and small. For example, when you are at the checkout of a grocery store and say something about a product. Or to more people smiling on the street. It helps if you have an open look in your face and makes eye contact. I’ve noticed that people are very quick at ease when I smile at them and ask questions to respond to what they tell me. I also learned that everyone has a degree of social uncertainty. With easy-talking people, you may not notice it so quickly, but believe me, I have been able to pierce through it. Some people are starting to talk a lot when they don’t feel at ease.

Don’t be afraid of silences.

Yes, silence moments sometimes feel uncomfortable but is there really something wrong with it?I personally enjoy it more and more. It gives me time to think about what the other has said or what I want to say to the other, but also just a break for your brain that is often already at full speed in situations like this. I myself, in any case, was a bit more alert and less relaxed than when I am in a group of people I already know what I think is quite normal. But the more often you do something the easier it gets and eventually it can even become your second nature to be socially in different situations and environments.

Cool in any case that you start to step out of your comfort zone.This is the way to a new network and special encounters. It makes life special and you learn a lot about yourself and the other.

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