How can we get relief from mental stress?

How do you get rid of all the unnecessary thoughts that hinder you to live a happy, calm and stress-free life?

Our minds can be a busy place with all sorts of appointments, responsibilities, dreams and plans, in addition to all the input that comes to mind all day.

Your mind should not be a messy place, but a calm and peaceful place.

Therefore, I like to share some ways that can help you to make your mind clear.Free from the constant noise and clutter that stays different.


Write everything up.
Take a sheet of paper and write down everything you need to do, from organizing a family barbecue to starting a new project at work.Write down your tasks, your obligations and your responsibilities. Write your plans for new things you want to undertake. This will help you make your mind clear and free because you no longer use your brain as a reminder system. For your brain is to think about things, not to think aboutthings.
Source: Boost Your productivity with this braindump

2.Organize yourself.
Once you’ve written everything down, the issue is to planeverything that needs to be done.Make sure you have a system to organize your tasks and projects. This way you reduce stress and feel a sense of calm and calmness about you because you know what to do when you go. Take the system you feel best at: It doesn’t matter if it’s on paper or digital. Limit yourself to a single system.

3.Focus on the essence.
If you identify the most important things in your life, think of your main goals, then you will get it easier to include those that are not important.The things that make your mind messy. Once you have determined what the essence is, you can focus on it and the rest becomes irrelevant.
Source: A radical exercise to free up more time for what is really important

4.Reduce information consumption.
Where possible, limit the amount of time spent watching TV, listening to radio, and reading newspapers and weekly magazines.Too much negative news can have a negative impact on your mind. Television does not appear to be as relaxing as many people think. It can even reduce the quality of your sleep if you watch TV until just before bedtime.

5.Find your own composure strategy.
Thus, a diary can help keep your mind calmer.By writing your thoughts, worries and dreams, you take pressure away from your mind. Also spending time in nature has a positive effect on body and mind.And meditation and mindfulness have a proven impact on your ability to concentrate.The more you can focus your mind at the present moment, the happier you become.

In addition to brightening your mind, these tips also help to find more peace, peace and happiness.You will be able to focus more on the essence and become even more productive in the use of your time.

Source of inspiration: 3 steps to focus on the most important in your life

First, try to tackle the cause of the stress.If this work is related, you may want to consider choosing a different job, employer or even profession if the stress is large and long-lasting or not even a prospect of improvement. Further relaxation. Sport at recreational level is very good. Hiking, outdoor cycling, preferably in free nature. Dancing and music are also very suitable.

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