How can new space be made up of the expansion of the universe?

Let us start with the universe; we also like to call it space, everything from the world.Everyone talks about it and has certain ideas, of course. But all of this is probably not true. It’s not a ball, it’s not a cube, it’s not a saddle. Why not? Because these are all 3-dimensional objects.

They help our imagination, but they are not the whole thing.We are just 3-dimensional beings. Imagine if there were 2-dimensional beings. They know length and width. They couldn’t imagine a height. She could calculate them, but never imagine them. That’s exactly how it is with us. A multidimensional space goes completely outside our “concepts” (grab, touch).

But first step by step.Before the Big Bang, that is, 13.8 billion years ago, the entire matter and energy of the universe (stop, I have already put it wrong: also the universe itself, simply EVERYTHING, and that was NOTHING) concentrated on a single point. And that was a POINT. There was no matter and there was no energy as we know it. There was no space, no time, no gravity…..really NOTHING. It was just a point and, as you know, a point has no extension.

As soon as the universe began to “rain”, space and time began.Because where something is NOT spatial, there is no time. But now… The universe expanded, it’s not like blowing up a balloon (because you always have the idea of the OUTSIDE), but quite different. And then something later.

Where there was NOTHING, suddenly there was SOMETHING. A “second” after this event (huch… time is here), a colossal flash (If we speak before Ur Knall, then please also of Blitz) occurred in the whole universe.This flash can still be observed as a relic as cosmic microwave background radiation. And all this we can “see” and what we “see” expanded and “distributed” the mass and energy evenly (with the exception of the teeny-weeny effect of gravity and quantum fluctuations, but we don’t care here). Original lumps of matter and energy that were now present in the newly born universe left an imprint. And from everything, lumps of matter, stars, star systems and galaxies and galaxy clusters developed. And over and over again.

And now the expansion and because the universe is expanding, they all race away from each other, they seem to be fleeing from each other.And because of this (apparent) flight movement, one could be tempted to calculate back where they were originally. But that would only be an idea and mathematical interpretation. However, this point is not the starting point of the extension!

The Big Bang was not a placefrom which everything came from.The Big Bang was not a special place in the room where a monument could be erected ” HERE THEUNIVERSUM“, but rather the origin of the space. Seen in this way, the Big Bang took place everywhere also here in Frankfurt (thank God not in Berlin).And since that point, the universe has expanded, but not in such a way that anything has been flying since the Big Bang, from a formerly central point, but space itself is expanding!

I try to give an approximation example: bakers can perhaps imagine this quite well; with a raisin cake.When baking, the raisins do not expand in the oven, they do not migrate in the dough, but the dough (= the space) in between becomes larger. The radius (=particle horizon) of the observable universe measures 46 billion.Light years….and that only applies to the now!

So let’s stick to the raisin cake, which goes on and faster and faster and time doesn’t matter, it doesn’t have to be finished today. And because the cake goes, the universe expands continuously, the particle horizon continues to grow and indefinitely.Currently, the radius for the observable universe is just 46 billion light-years. And, of course, it applies to every location within the universe.

The universe will be so big in about 100 billion years that we will be alone with a few other galaxies (here).Everything else is already behind the cosmic event horizon.

Ask an astrophysicist, or mathematician, what space is….they will usually come formulas….you just don’t understand it to “ATTACK”… and with it the circle closes.

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