How can it be that in the Council meeting of the Amsterdam City Council on 14 Febuary 2019 The councillor Mrs Simons is not in time protected against himself? Is the Act and attitude of Simons in this situation proof of incompetence?

What do you mean by self-protected?With two strong brethren and a straitjacket? No, that is now the benefit of democracy. One may always burn itself off. Politicians are like screaming kitchen girls. Here you hear them, very loud. Then it becomes silent, mostly final. Jan Nagel as a trietraps idiot was a very big exception.

At the elementary school where I was sitting, a pupil was being spent during the playtime.A large group of children went around it and just jouwen. Infectious social behavior.

I have never done that, because in social matters I do so.It also never happened to me.

Mrs. Simons is an avid prey for the jousting crowd.By tackling it you can prove that you really belong to it. I believe that is the social function of Jouwen. 鈧?虄We’re the real people.

What has Mrs Simons done wrong?She responded too quickly, thought that the victim had a tan (understandably you would think) and she found the violence used excessive.

Twenty bullets on someone with a fake pistol, where a byer is also touched, I find excessive violence.

When reporting an armed person there are several scenarios.

It’s a fake weapon.(Pretty likely, unless he’s already shot.)

It is an unladen weapon, or not loaded.

The weapon is loaded and ready for shooting.(This is the most unlikely scenario, because why hasn’t it been shot?)

Is it a blast gun?Does the gun just pop such as a real gun? This would seem to be a risky situation.

The person runs on the runners.In The view I do not hear a cry, but maybe filmed from too far.

Twenty shots is excessive.The fact that you as a police from your fear is unresponsive is understandable, it looks a lot like a terrorist attack, but if you are going to talk your own mistakes, you will reimburse your own violence.

Police bullets are dumdum bullets that cause quite a lot of damage, a regular bullet does not inflict much damage, as long as no major organs are touched.

If you hit a byer, that’s a serious mistake anyway.

Use and non-use of firearms is not something you learn in a block of ‘ firearm use ‘.That is training and exercising and training and practising again. Even though the police are still so good they should always train again.

If there is a self-murderer on a roof of a building and the police are rushed, and pushing him from that roof, then it seems to me that is not the intention.Better it seems to me to take him through the stairs so he can explain years later that he was then completely lost the way.

If someone with a fake weapon tries to lure the police out to shoot at him, then you should not actually shoot right.The help that the police had to offer to the victim fails perfectly.

It is to be understood that the police are shooting, but that is why it does not.Maybe the agents involved are heavily traumatized by the happening, let’s hope it is so, someone shooting dead is not nothing, but you don’t help them by talking their mistakes well. That they were under great pressure. Etcetera. It is just a matter of finding out what has gone wrong and how we can learn from that. Traumas do not stop you by stopping your failure, but face your failure.

I have not found the paper axes of it yet.

Go looking.

I was only once with a firearm threatened, by a disturbed knowledge, in my own home.Very weird. Here you flash everything through the head. Amazement, fear. Hiding, surrender does not seem to be an option, the risk that a bullet does a lot of damage is also not big, there is only a very small hole in such a pistol, so then at one time. 鈧?艗look Like, my house out. Threaten Me in my own home, what do you think! 鈧?not at all at the arm with the pistol bit packed. My response also did sobering on him. He was right away. As I myself also thought that admitting was not an option, he would be able to execute me in his madness. It Was a few days after that. Only after three or four days went to the police, still completely stripped.

It showed that the city council lives in a different world, and likes to know better than the people who actually live.

That is not surprising in itself, since the politics of the same group of people are mostly fetching people.

If they think that young people are now afraid of Simons, I would really recommend them to read the newspaper more often, not to make the trolley of justice, and to tackle the case-law.

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