How can I use umami paste? Do you have a recipe?

I do not know, because I do not know the ingredients.

What I know from experience is that it is very important to check the list of ingredients (on the packaging), to make sure that you do not get any junk in your body.

The umami flavor that can be found in various ingredients such as soy sauce, miso, cheese (parmesan), tomato sauce, mushroom/mushroom, yeast flakes, oyster sauce, salty fish, etc.,…

It’s a gentle, subtle salt-like flavor that gives a dish just that extra bit of dimension.

Ingredients that contain the umami factor taste very strong, so that is to say that you need little of it.

You use such a paste best in combination with ingredients that benefit from adding a salty and lightly fermented flavour.

I immediately think of potato, beans, lentils and chickpeas, meat/fish/poultry/soy (these tastes all rather flets/bland/dull without adding aromas).For example, soy sauce by mashed potatoes tastes truly divine.

For inspiration, you can take a look at the Asian cuisine.They are champion in the use of the umami flavor.


You add the umami paste best at the end of the cooking time (so that the taste and the nutrients are preserved-otherwise the taste fades, it is also appropriate to dilute the paste first in water and then pour over the ingredient you wish to taste to bring)

I have taken a look to see what is now just in umami-paste and I found this (via Amazon):

Translation for those flour eest: tomato puree; Look Anchovy paste (anchovy, salt, sunflower oil); black olives; Balsamic vinegar; mushrooms/mushrooms; Parmesan cheese).

And here a link to a home made version:

Homemade Umami Paste: The Condiment You Can’t Live Without-

Soy Sauce vs Tamari vs Shoyu vs Kecap Manis

Such a paste seems useful to me when your fridge runs empty.

In principle, you shouldn’t use much to brighten up your dish.

Whether it really tastes good, I can hardly speak about it, since I have never used it myself:).

I do know that for that price (or even less) you can buy a large bottle of Shoyu/tamari (sauce) and then give a good taste to your dish.

Note: They differ from each other (in one seat wheat is processed, in the other not and they exist in different strengths of taste-I have already tasted it and they are quite tasty)

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