How can I stop thinking about the fact that my life is in fact pointless?

Nice answers and tips, so far.I would read them with attention, if I were you.

My contribution: The question is so great that you need several lives to get a certain understanding of your own question.Namely: not life is meaningless, but the question of what you are doing is meaningless.

Your question seems to suggest that there is something or someone who ‘ sentence ‘ in life has stopped and darn, that something or someone doesn’t want to tell you.And there you are now, to ponder what it is, that ‘ sentence ‘.

Your question also seems to suggest that life should have meaning.You don’t do it for less. The fact that life is something that must be lived, that you are free to give yourself a sentence: No, you prefer that somewhere is laid down what is now the phrase. And then you do? For me that would be equal to compulsion, to loss of autonomy, to a kind of robot in which one is determined by another what the meaning of my life is-and I am stuck to it, apparently. Precisely the fact that the sentence has not been given makes me free. That is for me the meaning of life: to be free. Be free to fill it in a way that suits you. Within constraints, yes, within many constraints.

Your question actually seems to be: Why doesn’t anyone tell me what I should do.

Or maybe: all the freedom frightens me.For now I am suddenly responsible for my own existence.

See also the Book of E. Fromm: The fear of freedom.

Well, why would you want to stop thinking that life is pointless?Does life make sense? Think about the meaning of life and especially what you want to make of it.

Life is pointless if you’re not going to look for something that makes sense. And if it’s good enough for you to get a sense again, just fine.You just have to fill your life yourself to your own needs and also give others that freedom to find the meaning of their lives. And what makes sense for others does not have to apply to you.

Pointless and meaningful are just thoughts in your head.Black and white, actually. Only, we are all more in a grey area where we sometimes have times when we see no more meaningful things. But then you just need to find something that makes sense for you.

All living beings have their own, free will.Some can only better control this than others. There are people who are severely handicapped and nevertheless very satisfied because they find something that makes them meaningful. For example, there are photographers who are stekeblind but still know how to make special pictures. Can you imagine that? Someone who sees nothing and still makes visual art?

Others would be extremely depressed, but it is about willpower.Just gather the courage to do something that suits you and give your life a sense. It doesn’t matter what because every person has his own path in life to follow. But the meaning of life is not the goal, but the trek to the goal…

You don’t find the meaning of life.You do not get it from another, it is not a basic law, the Government is not responsible for it, and we can not do anything for you here either.

The meaning of life, which you make yourself.Learn something that you like, make fun, love, and help people out. Make sure you leave something good for others at the end, even if it’s just good memories.

Like almost everything, you have to do that yourself.Hopefully you don’t have to do it alone, but you have to do it yourself .

Success, and lots of fun!

But your life is not at all “in fact” pointless.

It may not have an end goal, but that is not to say it is pointless.

See the ES on this side: If you’ve played a computer game, you started at A and ended up at Z, then all sorts of sidequests do pointless?

You think so, because you have no end goal.But I bet everything underneath that you have no problem with it you will be very entertained during all those sidequests without having to have an end goal in sight.

And there are sat games that have no end goal.I read a while back about a woman who had played ALL the levels of Candycrush. No one knew that could. Everyone who plays that game starts it because it’s fun playing, not because it has an end goal.

That’s how life works too.

Go help your neighbor.Somewhere with it.

You think this is a slight remark. Do it once and see how you feel.Do.

Lots of helpful answers to this question.However, I choose a different approach.

If you continue to think that your life is pointless, you may be suffering from depression.

The Deep, Fundamental Roots of depression’s Lies

A quote:

My life has, after all, been totally compromised by this insidious disease that has attached itself to my mind like a vicious parasite it taking over every aspect of existence from within.

It has killed enjoyment, stifled joy and shadowed every moment of my life for a long time. Whenever I find myself starting to laugh at something, feeling affection or starting to reach out to the good things in life, it’s there, wrapping itself around everything, squeezing the life out of it and convincing me existence is package, especially my Existence.

If you get recognized herein please go to your GP and be completely honest.There is help for you, and you can really do a bit of it.

Of course, I can be absolutely wrong.I hope it’s even. Good luck.

Very simple.Life does not make sense. Why not? Because the meaning of your life can only be conferred by a thinking being.

And the only thinking creature that can do that, you are all yourself.

So: If you want to stop thinking about the futility of your life, the ball is 100% in your own camp!YOU are the one who makes something of your life, YOU are the one who gives your life meaning.

And the most beautiful?It is really infinitely more beautiful, stronger and, however, if you give your own life a sense, then when it is imposed by some “force” arise from empty superstition.

If you think your life is pointless, then go do something for others.

If you live alone on your own I is focused you will get the realization of self-futility.

Change the direction perception, do something for another and your life is going to get a different meaning.

One, less pondering/two, life does not make sense, no purpose to achieve. Life is like a dance, does a dance have a goal to accomplish? A point where you have to arate?. No, dancing is just meant to enjoy the music and as long as the music plays….. dance! What is the purpose of a bird that whistles the most beautiful tunes, it sits there on a branch and makes the most beautiful compositions with subtle variations, just like that.Be like a bird, sing your song for the simple fit that… Singing makes you feel good, there really should be no point in doing anything, nothing to obtain, nothing to gain, just.. Think less and feel more. Yes there are times when you do not see life, that is http://normaal.Er will also be moments that life is fun again and that also goes away again, nothing is permanent, nothing remains the same, Ying and yang now mean that how different some feelings are sometimes, they go together, they belong together. Enjoy the Good, go bad. Simple.

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