How can I stay healthy when I work at home?

This is a recognizable one.Since I have more homework I walk a lot less meters a day than before.

And with a sitting profession in which I work a lot on the computer, the muscles in my fingers have enough movement, but the rest do not.

This is my solution, which needs to be left out for the last two hours…

Yeah violently hey, working at home.

Not at all as ideal as the picture is mirrored. But the question is whether you should be at home? My very best workplace ever was on a kind of floating cottage on a lake in Chiang Mai, while the drinks were brought to me. I sat there with full fry 4g on my laptop in an international video conference and later update my website.

I do have a tip for you. It rains quite often in this country.In rain and other bad weather, you work. At Sun, go outdoors as much as possible and work outdoors. Otherwise you will be mad. Internet rule via your mobile hotspot. Do you know, right?

I understand well what you mean.I often work until very late and then sleep out. I bike and walk less. I think that this way of life suits me.

Keep Moving!Continue to undertake work activities in which you experience positivity; Hiking, fitness, spa, swimming, etc.

Be personally convinced that food & movement are linked to happiness & health.

My advice: At least 30 minutes of motion a day in whatever form you want!& Continue to socialize, we are social beings.

Psst also not too much snooping haha

It is not clear to me what it is about working at home.

This article Impact of Healthy lifestyle Factors on Life Expectancies in THE US Population mentions five low tech lifestyle adaptations, which when one starts in her/his forties, it gives a woman 14 years, a man 10.2 years extra life years:

Do NOT Troy

-Regular exercise, 150 minutes per week is a good start, more is better, but you do not have to go to the gym, many exercises you can do at home, for example.The 7-Minute Workout That Science Says Actually Works

-Do not be obese, try to keep BMI between 18.5 to 14.9 kg/m2

-Healthy eating, proven to prevent recurrence of cardiac infarcts, and slowing down cognitive decline, is the Mediterranean (Mediterannean) diet with lots of fresh fruit and fresh vegetables, full of shortening, fish, olive oil, a little red wine, no red meat, No processed (processed) food, no milk products

-Alcohol restriction, women < 1 unit/day, men < 2 units/day, 1 unit is 8gram-12ml pure alcohol.

Occasionally take the time to walk, do groceries (by bike or on foot).You can also go to the gym occasionally or let a dog out (if necessary from the neighbors). In short: possibilities enough.

Take time to eat quietly, drink enough and move.You can install applications that require you to take a rest. Or share your day and keep planning.

You will be healthier by avoiding the stress of commuting.

Furthermore, it seems easier for me to stay healthy when working at home.You can go out regularly for a walk. The home environment seems to me much quieter than between a lot of colleagues where irritation can arise here and there. Financially it is more interesting when your commuting trip is not reimbursed. Moreover, if your job permits, you save on childcare. Something that is apparently very expensive in the Netherlands.

This is how I can continue.For whatever reason, a number of people will choose to work in the company. Personally, I would not doubt if I could get the offer to work from home.

By staying disciplined and by purchasing a sit/stand desk * and regularly switching between sitting and standing.

They are desks whose height of the blade is electrically adjustable and can be so high that you can work on it.

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