How can I realistically earn 50 000 euros online in 12 months?

With a commitment, the right beliefs and a master plan.


A commitment is an obligation to yourself and your environment to follow a certain course of actions to achieve your goal.

“Why is this important?”

Quite simply, in today’s world, it’s very easy to be distracted.Behind every corner lurks the next dopaminerush.In English, this is called “Shiny Object Syndrome”, in which someone affected repeatedly turns his attention away from something as soon as the dopamine rush subsides.

“Wow that’s really cool!LOOK AT THAT!”

If the intoxication subsides…

“Well, try it but… BOAH, LOOK AT THIS, IS EVEN HORNIER!”

and already in the next intoxication.

As you commit to a course of promotions with the Commitment, you can quickly weigh up which actions are good for fulfilling your goal or not.

By reading your commit (best sound) on a daily read aloud, you help your subconscious and mind to develop solutions that you can implement to get the result.

Our minds like to solve tasks.Now it’s up to you to give him the right tasks.

The beliefs:

Your beliefs determine your thought processes, which determine your actions that lead to the results that in turn confirm your beliefs.

“Just believe in it and then get rich or something…”

Almost, in the cycle of faith>thought>action>result>faith is also contained in logical thinking and corresponding action.

No one but one believed that you could run the 100 meters under 10 sec.

He did it and suddenly it was within the scope of what was possible, which led to the same year several runners under 10 sec.Came.

Our beliefs are strongly influenced by our parents, society and our environment.What is within the scope of what is possible and what is not. Breaking out there requires various techniques that work on an emotional, mental and physical level.

With the combination of all three, you can easily separate yourself from blocking belief systems to not only think about success, but also trust and believe in you and your abilities.

The master plan:

The Master Plan is a system that helps you use your resources efficiently.Through fact-based feedback, you can make adjustments to realistically achieve your goal.

The first tool it needs is called reverse engineering and looks like this:

50.000鈧?12 months = 4,167鈧?month

4.167鈧?30 days = 138.90鈧?day

I expect 30 days here, including Saturday and Sunday.I believe that the most effective way to achieve the goal of earning 鈧?0,000 in 12 months is to build up a passive scalable income,as this can grow exponentially.

Ok, so the goal is to earn 138.90鈧?per day.What do you have to do now…

Basic principles of entrepreneurship:

  1. Find a group of people with a problem
  2. Find the solution to the problem
  3. Communicate that you have the solution (in the right way)

In order to realistically reach the goal of 50,000鈧?in 12 months, we make it easy for ourselves and look for a company that has already mastered these 3 steps.

“Why, Why, Why?”

Short excursion: Here are your two most important resources to use.Time and energy.

Let’s face it, how much time can you spend on completing this goal during the day?

10 hours?12? Or even 16?…

Doesn’t matter if you don’t use your energy properly.Your attention, mental power (mindset) and health.

You can work 20 hours a day on your online business and have done nothing productive.Be very busy but have no results.

Structure, routine and an action plan form the tank in which your energy (attention + mental power + health) is the fuel.

Back to the subject;

The keyword is SaaS Affiliate Marketing (Saas stands for Software-As-A-Service).This is about you having a ready-made product, to present to those who have the right problem and you will get recurring revenue for it.

How exactly does this work?

As a rule, a SaaS company offers its customers a digital service or a digital product over the Internet and charges a monthly fee for this.

  • Webhosting
  • Email Marketing Providers
  • Website Builder

So products with a membership.

Large companies like Microsoft & Adobe, which previously charged a one-time fee for their products, switched to a monthly subscriptionto have constant revenue.The monthly subscription model is on trend and so far there is no end in sight.

“What advantages do you have as a SaaS affiliate partner”

  • Recurring commission.

Welcome to the world of passive income! It starts with the first sale and lasts as long as the new user uses the service. The service should have a gigantic value and must solve a real problem.

  • Done-For-You promotional material.
  • Since most of these companies want you to successfully win new customers, you get pre-made and tested promotional material so you can get started right away.

  • Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp.
  • Not every company offers this for free, but some offer access to a training camp where you can learn everything you need to know to make your first sales.

  • No risks.
  • When you start as an affiliate for a SaaS company, you don’t have to worry about the customers. Support requests or software issues are handled directly by the company’s customer service.

  • Low investment costs.
  • You can build up your passive income with a budget of 50 dollars/month. With the help of free traffic methods via Facebook, YouTube or Quora you reach the target group.

    Now there are many partner programs out there, but I recommend you opt for a 2-step partner program.

    “What is a 2-step partner program?”

    The partner program I personally use pays commissions on two levels (direct and indirect sales).

    For a direct sale I get 100% commission (44.90鈧? once and from the second month (the customer pays monthly) again 30% (13.47鈧? and for as long as the customer uses the product.

    In my case, the product is an all-in-one online marketing toolkitthat allows you to build, automate and promote an online company.

    No matter what you want to do on the Internet as an entrepreneur, this toolkit has everything you need (website kit, hosting, email newsletter, webinar software, online course system, member pages, sales funnels, online shops and much more)

    Thus, the target group is quite broad, because everyone who wants to make money even in the Internet or over the Internet needs these tools.

    As this company pays outagain over 2 levels, you can quickly build up a recurring income that can be easily scaled with the right action sequences.

    50.000鈧?/ 12 months = 4,167鈧?/ month

    鈧?,167 / 鈧?3.47 (30% recurring) = 310 licenses (total, sold once to permanent users)

    You can market them completely on your own and then even get the one-time commission (100%) from 44.90鈧?per license (310 x 44.90鈧?= 13,919 鈧?.

    – or –

    You build up a team of people to help you market licenses and get 30% in the 1st and 2nd level, which means:

    A direct with 309 indirects = 310 licenses
    2 Direct with 154 indirects each = 310 licenses
    4 Direct with 77 indirects each (rounded up) = 310 licenses
    8 Direct with 38 indirects each (rounded up) = 310 licenses
    16 Direct with 19 indirects each (rounded up) = 310 licences
    32 Direct with 9 indirects each (rounded up) = 310 licenses
    64 Direct with 4 indirects each (rounded up) = 310 licenses

    This now shows the true power of 2-step partner programs.

    … I already hear the voices of the “fastball system!” Group…

    So, unlike multi-level marketing / network marketing (see picture) there is only one split, the usual for product marketing budget 60% (1st level 30% + 2nd level 30%) of the product price (44,90鈧?.

    The remaining revenue goes to the company.

    To sum it up again… It takes some preparation (time, energy and money) to earn 50,000鈧?online in 12 months.

    No matter how much money you want to earn, never waste your life by falling into a time-versus-money trap.

    Building a real passive source of income is what gives you real freedom.

    If you want to know more about the topic, take a look at my Facebook group “One Tool Solution For Online Entrepreneurs”.

    I have also created a free video course that will help you to incorporate the basic principles discussed here into your everyday life.

    Productivity, mindset, setting goals correctly and focusing correctly are topics that bring you closer to your goal of passive income.

    I hope I was able to give you an overview that ignites the thought in you “This is in the realm of what is possible!”

    If you have specific questions or learn more about the partner program i have described here, you can reach me via Facebook.

    No matter what else you do….let it crash!

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