How can I perform an easy spell and what about elementary magic? Does that exist or is that much more complicated?

Coincidentally I know everything about it, I am a highly skilled-but secret-magician.And I’m glad you want to start at beginner level.

I teach you one here.Stand up and say, “I am going now…..”. And on the dots fills in what you are going to conjure up, for example: washing dishes. Then you stand up and do the dishes. A few minutes later: ready. Pure Magic! It also works if you fill in the dots as ‘ brushing your teeth ‘, ‘ room cleanup ‘, ‘ make homework ‘ etc.

Exercise three times a day and report on two weeks in writing.At a sufficient we do lesson two.

Just go for it.

You are big enough to hear it: The Easter Bunny does not exist, Sinterklaas does not exist and the Avatar is fabricated….

You don’t have to spell it out.Stop a copper coin in your shoe if you want to earn more money. It’s magic.

Need your stick for it.

I have seen on TV so it should be true.

Let me assume that this is a serious question and that with elementary magic, you mean magic that uses the energy behind the four elements.

First, what most people mean by ‘ magic ‘ is something I call sorcery and something from which fairy tales are built.
Magic, on the other hand, is the manipulation of energy so that something very creative or destructive can be done with it.

Where destructive is not necessarily negative; After all, something has to be destroyed. That is a natural law.

Run a spell and then do an easy one.Spells are in my opticals more affirmations than anything else. Its sole effect rests on your own energy and auto-suggestion. By definition, a spell does not take into account the energy patterns of the world, the situation around you and the people and objects involved, and therefore can never work purposeful and coherent.

If you do want something to change through magic, you will first have to fully map out the whole situation, from an ethical, energetic and magical perspective.And then you automatically come out at the energy behind the Elementals, the forces of Earth, Water, fire and air. And above all: the man himself.

This is such a job that you will find out that the problem that triggered your magical quest as snow disappears for the sun, because you have by ground what the problem actually is. And then usually no magic is needed.If that is the case, you will have to create and execute a magical spell, or rather a ritual, to lead the energy back into good jobs.

And yes, before you get there you have a year or five heavy study on it.And you’ve learned a lot, especially about yourself and why you thought you needed that spell. Also the book ‘ The Secret Teachings of all ages ‘ by Manly. Hall is advisable. Or ‘ The whole elephant in pictures ‘ by Marja de Vries. The latter is more accessible to the modern Dutch reader and a good introduction to the subject.

If you are looking for a few more mystery schools in the world about where you can learn.

If you want to know more about spells, there is a nice book about: The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 spells, ISBN-13 978 0 00 716465 3.
! 00 pages with the most impossible spells.

By praying.

By a request like “Lord God in Heaven, please, please, please person x be on top?” In your prayer, you are actually practicing white magic.White because you want the result of your spell to be beneficial to someone.

Whether it works is a second.

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