How can I overcome the fear of abandonment?

Without professional help, that is not easy.

But you can start to think that the people around you will not leave you behind.Have they not done so to date? If you trust them, tell them that this is a great fear for you and ask them to take them into account.

Abandonment fear you learn by seeing that for example saying goodbye doesn’t have to be permanent.You have to experience it to learn it, when it comes to people you can try to make the next appointment so that you have a point of reference in the future.

The human brain explains (quite literally) connections between experiences, if you have already left then Sun Path is created, the weather happens it gets stronger and you start to assume that this is what always happens.This allows you to keep people so close that you sometimes stifle them and leave them as well and so like you more or less your own hole deeper.

There is not really another way to get over fear of abandonment than to undergo and realize that it is not necessarily so that you are going to be abandoned.And you have to somehow try to make peace with the fact that it sometimes happens.

Not to mean but that sounds like a symptom of borderline or it’s abandonment anxiety.Do you know I do it otherwise I know that everything is eventually but temporary. Your life is something temporary. People are there but for a while sometimes they go away but there are others in the place. You have to learn to let loose yes it’s not bad if people go away even though you find those people nice or nice think of the fun times you have had with them. If they go away then it says something more about them than you. I think you should work on your self-confidence. Again I am to but you only need yourself you are only responsible for yourself. People go dead people go away but dats no disaster. Ultimately, everything is temporary. Look like mom you are worried about your kids but even those can’t save you nothing on this planet is from really yours all you have in temporary loan. Bindings are things that keep you trapped. You really have to be able to do without everything you are attached to. It’s nice that you have it but tis not of interest. Bit stocijners and become more cynical. People say that I have a lack of empation, but it is precisely the overstated. Because I used to give so much to others I was very vulnerable and quickly abused my goodness naiveity was made. Look I can lose everything but I myself am still all I have is basically replaceable. If you’ve lost a whole bunch, you’ll see that it’s not all thunder. I do not wish a mother the loss of a child, but also you eventually get over it. You only have this life now sin to make your life sick by grief. The joke is even dying is not bad because you come back reincarnation is a bitch if you have luck you go again with the same club if not then you know that in spirit form they keep an eye on the sail. I myself have sent everything away because if you spend the whole time with the old familiar club you will learn nothing new. Life is ultimately a stupid game a video game where we are all stuck in everyone is so busy with amusing and all wants to do things that they do not have to watch that they are stuck living on earth is actually a switch of traumatic Events. I seemingly still have to do something here but I like it but stupid earth is one of the most debial places in the universe. I see it more like a trauma hospital. Get more into the bad character traits as well as the good of man.

By trusting God and taking his son Jesus Christ as your Savior in your life.

God speaks through His word, the Bible in Joh.3:16 and 1 John. 1 about love that drives out all fear

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