How can I lose 10-12 kg of weight in a month?

Well, how can you lose 10-12 kg in a month?It’s like a question where I can only say, “By amputating a leg.

Yes, i suppose, that’s not what you wanted to hear.

Let’s look at it quite logically.

One kilogram of fat corresponds to an energy supply of about 7000Kcal.Realistically, saving this 7000Kcal in a week. That would effectively be 4 kg per month. So there are still 8 kg missing.

Let’s say you’re extremely overweight, around and at 200kg, then you’re expected to have a lot of water in the tissue as well.Then maybe 6 kg (equivalent to liters) of water would be added. There are still 2 missing.

Cutting hair, manicure, pedicure, and a powerful enema that flushes the intestines to the stomach empty.Then you might have it.

But what is the point of this?You didn’t increase 12Kg in a month.

The body is always the manifestation of what we are in the mind and in the soul.


The body is always the manifestation of what we are in the mind and in the soul.

When I move a lot, because I know that the movement apprecant wants to be moved and because I know that the movement appetizer also adapts to the stresses that it has to perform, and because I am someone who, because he knows this, always chooses new types of stress. , getting stronger and changing the training plan constantly, so that the body does not come up with the idea that it no longer has to adapt.So when I show the body that I live, we adapt accordingly and think: “Oh, this and that fat-plsterchen I don’t really need at all, I’ll use that first, then that’s gone. And if I lose some weight on my legs, buttocks and abdomen, the weight is reduced when I run, which is good for the joints, I always eat good and healthy food, a retention is not necessary”, then my body will also adapt and look like me Wants.

Because it’s all mental!

All mentally!!!!

Such questions are usually asked by people who want to bend their last sins again quickly, only to hope for a happy continuation.

That will not work!

Those who are consistent, who knows what they are doing and who also know why they are doing what they are doing, will also succeed, and will also be successful in the long term.

But if you don’t want to have that true, it won’t help if you lose 12 kg quickly, because they’re just as fast on it again.

All over Germany: Who has sat down and said in the last 30 years that I want to gain 20 kg so that the swimsuits or the bikini don’t suit me anymore?

well?Let’s get your hand up?

Ah ha, no one.I thought. We get fatter because we reward ourselves with food. We live in a society that puts us under a lot of pressure. Everything is getting faster and faster, it is becoming more and more strenuous, competition in the workplace is increasing, we are getting older, which is confronting us with our own mortality. We may have already lost relatives and we certainly do not want to divorce them. Time is running out, the pressure is increasing and then such questions come out.

Quite loose.Take the pressure out. First of all, take the pressure out.

And then start a protein-rich low-carb diet with daily plenty of exercise in fresh air.2-3 times a week to the fitness center and there to train alternately.

  • Fitness > .t8-12 repetitions with average weight.

The last repetitions of the 3rd movement don’t really want to. If the weight is increased, if the weight is to be increased.

  • Force > s3-6 repetitions – Everything that works.
  • Destroy the muscle to the maximum. Only then does he realize that he needs to grow.

  • Training of the cell situation, ligaments and tendons > Once a quarter for 1-2 tweeks > 50-60 repetitions to prevent demolitions and joint wear.
  • Muscles, i.e. energy consumers, are made at home in the kitchen.Low-carb and protein, protein, protein! In the beginning, prefer to add vitamins as a dietary supplement, as there is a lot of fructose in fruit. Fruit sugars are carbohydrates again and when carbohydrates are in the body, the body does not decompose fat, because it prefers to always take the carbohydrates first.

    And then rather slowly lose weight, you didn’t get fat in a month.These crash diets create imbalances and deficiency symptoms, which leads to the weight usually getting back on it just as quickly.

    no!You want something smarter!

    You are what you eat!

    It’s just like that. Change your diet in the long term and move a lot of fresh air, don’t forget the rest phases, because yoga e.g. can do a lot for the vision and ligaments and ensures that the joints remain as mobile as possible.

    That’s how it works.Any lightning diets go incredibly to the substance, make you sick, because they always go along with deficiency symptoms and they create craving attacks. That will not work.

    Only a holistic change of life, the consequence of which is a lean, healthy and dynamic figure, will also lead to a lean, healthy and dynamic figure.

    Good luck.

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