How can I live on myself as soon as possible (I am 14)? Can I then move to Canada at this age?

Quite a bit young.But it is good that you are already thinking about it, I think. Certainly you can emigrate to Canada. You can find on the Internet what conditions you will have to meet and start working on it. Then if you are 18 or so, you may be able to apply at the Canadian consulate in The Hague.

Canada is a beautiful country with many possibilities.I myself emigrated to Canada in 1968, when I was 23 years old. Had been here for a year for 4 or 5 months as part of the practical year of the HTS. I liked it so well that I decided to live here permanently. Never regretted it.

Until your 18th, your parents have it for saying, they are the boss until then.With 14 you won’t be taken seriously soon, if you tell what you want. If there are urgent reasons, so you should get out of your house, you will first come to a body that is going to seek a foster family for you. Without these urgent reasons, nothing happens without your parents ‘ permission.

In principle, you are free to go and stand where you want from your 18th year of life.So you can also live on yourself. But remember, that no one was you, the ironing work, cleaning, food cooking, and bills paying for you do. Also you have to live somewhere, so rent a room or house. You have to do that all by yourself. And pay for yourself. You also need a job. You have to have a diploma for that, preferably higher than MAVO, HAVO or VWO. And you need to know what you want and what you can. But even then you can still sit without work. There is a social system, but the money is fast-moving abroad sounds tough. But moving to another country requires much more preparation. You may already have a job in Canada to get in, or maybe someone you want to sponsor (things vior you pay and guarantee a certain amount). To know exactly what you need to enter Canada as a new resident, please contact the Canadian Embassy.

Okay, after looking at the replies from the others I see that 1 thing has not been mentioned yet.

You’re 14, and you know what you can do?Exchange! I know this only since this year (and I’ve been almost ready.)

But you could go on Exchange in Canada.EF, an organisation about exchanges, is constantly advertising! Maybe an idea to go there so look? You could finish your high in Canada. Worth a try right? (:

Guest I do not want to do to Maare unless you are adopted by a bunch of Canadians you can write it on your belly.Until you’re 18, you’re stuck to your parents unless YouthCARE is thundered out of your house and a bunch of other eppos dumps you to 18. What the rest said visa work and all those other things. Would also be what going to do to me French if I were you if you want that way. You are 4 years still the Sjaak would be out if I were you you are plunging into school. Go and invent a plan make sure you never have to go back if you’re after Canada. Would at least get me havo here and if you want you can arrange further training. Would also learn how the rules work there. Thing reals as health insurance tax What are you gonna do if you get out of work get tax refund all that kind of stupid boring crap. Because you can do very nice after Canada leave but you do not have a CV no diploma What are you people say man at customs. You also don’t have a work permit. I don’t want to be annoying my parents were also a couple of terers I left on me 21st from Amsterdam and swore that I would not put any foot in either Nl or Adam. I’ve been enlisted by Europe for 3 years with a tent and a sleeping bag a couple of tarot cards Tis that I was psychotic otherwise I had stayed away.

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