How can I learn German without money?

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Since you’re asking this question on Quora, I suppose you have an internet connection.Today you will find quite a lot of useful and also unusable things in the net.

If you are still at the very beginning, Duolingo certainly helps.There you can also learn other languages.It is more of a playful way to learn German and free of charge. It is a good way to teach yourself a basic knowledge.

Depending on what your goal is.So you want to be able to hold conversations in German, read books or express yourself in writing? Language skills are often tested in four categories: speaking, listening comprehension, writing and reading.Furthermore, they can be divided into more passive skills – listening comprehension and reading – and more active – speaking and writing.


I would recommend you to watch series, movies and also Youtube (or other) videos in German (with subtitles) or listen to German music.There are now suitable broadcasts for every taste. If you enjoy it, it’s much easier to learn the language. Later you can listen to radio plays and podcasts in German.

to speak

This can be a little more difficult.You can record yourself while you’re having a fictitious conversation orMonologue. Also, while you train your listening comprehension, you can followthe person who speaks.

You may know someone who either speaks good German himself (best native speakers), or someone who also wants to learn German.Together you can either make a language tandem – you talk to your tandem partner and this one will give you German.Or if you both learn German, you both try to talk to each other as often as possible in German. (Tandem partners can be found online via bulletin boards (simply write an advertise) or partly online. Some libraries, universities or institutes also mediate.)

to read

Read books (from the library), newspaper articles (there are also online), blogs or Quora responses.Here it is simple: “Exercise makes the master.” Always have a dictionary or a translation app with you, you can look up new words and write down the important ones.

The more youread, the wider your vocabulary becomes and you develop a sense of language.For German learners at level C1 you can read my answer to “Which textbooks and novels are recommended for a German learner at the C1 level?“.

To write

In the beginning, any writing on any topic is worthwhile.Of course, it’s difficult if you don’t have anyone to correct that. For this, as mentioned above, a language tandem is worthwhile.You can correct each other.

In addition, you have to learn German grammar.This may prove more difficult. Generally, you can simply google “German Grammar” and you will find some helpful websites. When reading, you will see the grammatical rules applied and it is usually more understandable.


Reading, listening and practicing!

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