How can I keep my negative thoughts under control by my imagined ugliness (Dysmorfie of the body)? This while I am being approached on the street (you are a knapperd) but I still have the thoughts that I am different/ugly.

I’m just gone for most votes to apply.In My head there is no person with such an ugly body as I have. Nothing beats there according to my head. I can’t see myself as a woman, rather a thing. When I wear ‘ more feminine ‘ clothes I feel myself a scammer.

I myself think this is because my parents dressed me away from small as a boy.I think my mother would have liked to have wanted a little boy and has also voiced this from small to smallest. Because of this I feel like how I am, not the intention. I had and should not exist and I do not look like it had and because of this I feel ‘ free ‘ I always say ugly. Free because it is not actually my own thoughts, but something that I have done from small to very wise. Things like that are a lot harder to recover I experience.

Well back to most votes apply.I have also shared this trick with C茅line. It’s one thing ‘ most votes apply ‘. We use that too little and bandied to assert something. Once I discovered that my voice told me since the beginning of the (my) times that I was ugly I realized okay so that’s just how I feel by default. When people looked at me on the street earlier I thought that was because I was so ugly that they didn’t know what they were seeing.

The opposite proves true.I knew a lot. Now that I know, I choose to make the most votes. People say ‘ What do you look like ‘ I choose to have that voice in me that says ‘ You are ugly, you’re not right ‘ to overrule. I accept their voice over mine in this area, because obviously a lot of people have a different opinion in that area than I do.
From their opinion I become happier than mine.Of course I can linger in ‘ I don’t see it ‘ -Maarja das The thing with believing huh. You believe it or not.
I believe for this particular part that the people around me can perceive me better than myself, because I am completely deceived in that area!

Since I started handling this method I am a lot happier.That one voice in me has also become a lot weaker. I especially notice that it sticks out at times when I am under pressure, then that sneaky voice sometimes finds the way to my head. Armed with a thousand others voices, I am happy to get my head out of the voice. I accept that it is there.
The fact is that this bug is still in my system, for now I have this work around and that works fine!

You may have those thoughts best.It seems to me not a pleasant thought, but if you want that, you may have that thought. And it is not wrong to have that thought.

What is w脙 漏 l error is that you think that your thought is also 鈧?虄the value . To see if it is true you should consult others.If those all say that you are ugly knocks your thought. But if they do not say, your thought is not correct. And rejecting what others are saying is a form of contempt. The other is not crazy. Then accept what the other is saying. And no, you don’t know better. That is also an erroneous thought.

And whether I think you are beautiful or not, I happen to make myself.Not you. Even stronger: your opinion does not matter. Because it comes to what I find. Point.

If you cannot keep negative thoughts under Controlle, they are even more pressing, and you can also simply accept that you are ‘ so ‘.I know the feeling too, that I am unattractive and not interesting.

It doesn’t matter what you look like, but how you feel.The best you grow over here is by targeting others, without worrying about how you come to them. Then learn that not everyone is allowed and some only want to use you. The best you go to is especially with sweet and nice people. These are usually not the most popular people.

You can also always speak to yourself.”I may exist. I’m kind/nice/valuable. ” This makes your self-acceptance bigger and is very important.

In recent years I have been going with people who always say how attractive I am.This affects my self-image as well.

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