How can I improve my German?

I have been learning German for a year.In the beginning, it wasn’t that easy. In the German language there are various things. Like verbs positions, conjugation, noun capitalization, spellings and so on.

Man must learn new words every day.With this word you also have to learn the nouns. The most important thing is to learn gender. Because a lot of things depend on it. For example, the adjective ending and the noun ending.

I think you should write every day, listen.For example, you can write a few emails and can listen to radio broadcast. Over time, you can improve your German.

I recommend you to speak a In your city look for language clubs where you speak German and also the German Society. Surely there is a group of Germans. In general, the Germans are nice if you want to learn their language and they can help you. Of course not all of them and it also depends on where you find them. For example, at work maybe not because they are very busy and also it comes up on their whim, whether they like it or not, to help you or to talk to you. But I don’t think they help you. The Germans admire each other when a foreigner speaks their language. In Germany, however, the Germans abroad do not.

And besides speaking, I also recommend you to watch many videos on the Internet.Search for “Easy German” on YouTube. The videos have subtitles in German and English at the same time and this is very helpful because you hear the language at the same time when people are speaking. So, it is helpful to hear and read the language. Also on DW there are many exercises for the people who want to learn German. There are many levels. From A1 to C1 if I am not mistaken.

And start writing a bit.Of course, you don’t write thesis or longer essays, but start writing small descriptions. For example, wrote something about a specific topic; your city, what you did last weekend, where you went, etc… and then, when you already have a lot of vocabulary, write about complicated subject matter. Not exactly politics or philosophy or something like that but more stuff. How to play a video game, about how to cook a specific plate, etc… Step by step. Don’t go fast and you’ll see that you’ll improve over time.

That’s how I did it.My German is not perfect as I want. I can drive it well but not as I want. But still, I try to improve my German at the highest because I like this language and it is very important in today’s world.


6 months: from ABC to C1 Goethe-Institut

In my experience, I would say that you should start by speaking clearly.And always go, use every opportunity to speak German, to practice.

When I learned German, I always called Amazon or Vodafone so I could speak German.

No tip, first of all you should always speak slowly.Compared to speed, clear speech is more important.

I always tried to speak as quickly as possible, but now there are some people who can’t understand me.

That is why I am now again trying to speak German slowly.

I am also a German learner . That’s why I think I can give you some tips. First you don’t have to be afraid of German. Many people find that learning German is incredibly difficult. Actually, it’s also true. In particular, the sex of the noun, such as the ,the .the . But is it just like that. In the beginning I also asked my German friends, where the sex comes from, actually they don’t know either. That’s why I didn’t spend my time on it after that.

The second thing you need to know about intonation. Why do I say this .because German is very special .if you recognize the sounds of the words, then you can simply write down the . It is totally different with my mother tongue “Chinese”. Even if you know the sounds, but you can’t know how to write the words yet. From this you can see or listen to music to solve the problem. But I must also admit that there are not so many good German movies .even if you are German, you don’t watch the German film either. But there is also exception, e.g. the movies of Tilschweigen almost everything is really good.

In the end you should give yourself time. Mastering a language is a long process. That’s why I give you my thumbs up.

If you still ask how you can improve your language then I think you already have basic knowledge of German.I can tell you what I do to improve my German

I have been living here for a year and my spoken German is not so good yet.But my listening comprehension is quite good. I also want to improve my German.

What do I do about it?I follow four guidelines:

1) Reading texts is important for learning progress.If you read often, you develop a routine in reading and get to know new words. But don’t read too much at the beginning, just short texts. Then edit texts that train the reading comprehension – just read and try to answer the questions. This way you will also get to know the structure of questions.

2) Speak: Speaking is very simple: you just have to take every opportunity to talk to people.This is how you get to know new people. And maybe even friends.

3) Hearing comprehension: I always try to listen actively to private conversations in German.At first I didn’t understand anything, but now it’s getting better and better.

4) Writing: Until last month, I didn’t write in German at all.Now I write at least 500 words every day. The biggest challenge here is not to forget that the nouns are capitalized.

I also have few knowledge in the German language.Each language can only be learned through practice.

  1. Don’t forget to learn new words.

This is very important because vocabulary is the most important part of any language.

  1. Proper practice with the new learned words is also very important.
  2. Read a lot.

// Quora can help !!

  1. To learn a language, surround yourself with the language.
  2. Change the language to all your devices, e.g. laptop, mobile phone, etc….
  3. Start watching German movies.
  4. Flashcards can also help.
  5. Start writing small essays.

But don’t forget to use the new learned words !!

  • Finding a German friend will facilitate the entire learning process.
  • Most important !!

    1. Finally, follow German and practice more !!

    Excuse me for the mistakes !!

    Practice, practice, practice.

    And don’t be offended when someone says “hey… we can also speak English if you want.”

    Many people who learn a foreign language do not dare to make mistakes.They think, “If I make mistakes, I think i’m doofy.”

    That’s what I thought when I started with German.Until I realized, “they think i’m like doof no matter what language I speak.”

    Then, I thought, dear German.Because at least in German I have an excuse.

    It’s like this: If you first learn a foreign language as an adult, like me, your native language will seem gigantic compared to your foreign language.But it is not. It is only your mother tongue. But compared to your foreign language, it will be gigantic. But not really.

    When I came to Germany I could only say “Mr. Schmidt is an excavator driver” and “a beer please”.All the time I thought, “I can say so much more in English. So much more.”

    And then I learned other terms like “I’m American” and “I’m fine… but.” And “I have back.” And then “Mr. Schmidt is an excavator driver and he has his back.”

    That’s what you have to do when you learn a foreign language.You have to…

    1. practice a lot
    2. Stay courageous despite mistakes
    3. Drinking beer (helps to lose the fear)
    4. Learn and practice something new every day
    5. not forget that your own mother tongue was not learned in one day.

    1) you should listen a lot.German favourite songs sing along and learn the words in a playful way by singing along again and again. You don’t believe how many sentences you can learn.

    2) There are certain phrases that should be learned by heart, such as: “Beautiful to get to know you”.

    3)have German friends who are best not to speak English;)

    4) there are books (novels) written at A1 or A2 level.I recommend that.

    5) on a German blog or fb page, exchange ideas with other learners in German.

    Notes: I am still learning German.Please apologise for my mistake.

    I was always afraid to talk to other people in German.But when I start talking, I improve my German.

    I read German non-fiction a lot, because of the interesting subject.

    I write 10 sentences every day on different grammatical topics.For example, verbs with prep, phrases and noun verb connections. You can write about several topics here on Quora.

    I listen to German radio broadcasts. I don’t watch much TV.But when I do, I like to watch crime and documentaries.

    But the most effective way for me is reading.When I read a lot of books, expand my vocabulary.

    A lot of exercises.You have to remember that.

    First of all: I am a native German who gives tutoring hours on a part-time basis.

    On your question, the German language is admittedly more difficult than many other Western languages.The main reasons are grammar and probably also the pronunciation. Therefore, it is important to surround oneself with German-speaking people and to be self-critical about grammar. It is best to talk yourself out of trouble without escaping into your mother tongue.

    Audio recordings are also very helpful.

    I know it’s difficult, but obviously you’re already aware of it – never give up is the motto.It’s worth it!

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