How can I improve my creative writing skills? I have made a lot of efforts to improve these skills, but my bad sentence constructions make skills unattainable.

Mastering the language in which you write is essential.Language is your weapon, and only when it is sharp can you work effectively with it. So keep investing in your language skills.

You can improve your sentence structure by not making too long sentences.Very often you can also divide the phrase into multiple sentences. And I don’t mean a comma between them, never exaggerate with commas. I mean really: just put a point. And just pick up the thread in the following sentence again.

What kind of creative writing is still good to keep in mind that many style tools from the poetry also come in handy in prose.This often requires style rules to deliberately violate. Think of the use of repetitions.

I make a lot of use of speaking language in my work, and I am committed to staying as close as possible to speaking language as well.This can lead to endless hast with the corrector, so you need to be well aware of the effect you are pursuing and why you have written it as you have written it. And the corrector certainly also has the same often enough.

Start writing as if you were telling a story to friends, with whom you are sitting around a campfire.They have also told stories, all the mobile phones are out and the atmosphere is supreme. It doesn’t matter how you tell your story, how beautiful your sentences are and whether it’s all grammatically correct.


  1. Most people speak better than they write, if that is also the way for you, then make use of them.

Go back to your strength and write or dictate your sentences in speaking language. You can always create a writing language at a later stage.

  • If you are presenting your readers as friendly people who sincerely want to listen to you and have time for them, you don’t have to do so frantically to attract their attention or come up with perfect phrases (which do not exist at this stage , only with a high exception, because he accidentally rolls out your pen by mistake).
  • In the creative phase of your story or piece, you may still have plenty of 鈧?艙klooien 鈧? as I call it.
  • You simply write what comes to mind and follow your creative impressions, without worrying about how to proceed, whether the words or phrases are correct, etc. At this stage you have the artist cap, which is very badly associated with the cap of the corrector. So be strict against the corrector in yourself and say that he or she must wait nicely in turn. And yes, correctors are always last.

    In the event that your writing style still does not improve, there may be another cause.Maybe you have too little language knowledge or language feeling, you find it difficult to fantasize, you can move hard in others and/or you constantly fight against your own too high expectations.

    Of course, even in the worst case, you can always keep writing!If you want others to read and appreciate it, then rent a good editor or ghost writer in it. Some stories are really worth it!!

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