How can I improve my communication skills as an introvert person?

Communication is one of the most important skills you can learn, whether it’s communicating at work to get results, or communicating with your partner, family, and friends to build good relationships.

Masses of problems arise from poor communication. We never really learned in school how to communicate well, we have rather happened to pick up people around us.And if that is not an excellent communicators, we often learn bad habits. As a communication trainer and coach I like to share 5 key elements for good communication.

Perhaps surprising, but one of the most important communication skills is not about speaking, but about… Listen.And that is to say that you as an introvert person often have an advantage.

Not only does listening help you to build a better contact with others, it is also a way to show respect to others.And when people feel respected, it’s much easier to develop long and happy relationships.

Just think about how well it feels when someone is very consciously listening to you.It makes you feel appreciated and it does wonders for communication. People want to be listened to and listening carefully build your trust on an unconscious level.

And vice versa: You certainly know people who are very bad listeners.They keep so much of their own voice that you can’t get a word between them. When it’s finally your turn, they don’t really listen. How do you feel? Frustrated, and not really appreciated.

CAUTION: Listening is not the same as shy silence.I am talking about active listening: giving attention and showing that you understand what the other says by repeating key elements in your answers.

Why are people such poor listeners?

We think much faster (600 脿 800 per minute) than we speak (120 to 150 words per minute).This makes it easy to get distracted by our thoughts when people talk to us. When that happens, it’s important to be aware of that so you can focus on the conversation again. Nothing is worse than suddenly noticing that someone in his own mind is sunk when he should listen to you.

5 ways to improve your communication skills

1.Do not interrupt the other.
By just starting talking by another his story show your disrespect.

2.Do not reject the other’s sentences.
You do not help them.You simply take control of the conversation; So bite on your tongue.


If you want to show that you really understood someone, this is a brilliant technique.You repeat what someone has just said before you give your own response.

4.Listen actively.
The difference with passive listening is that you commit to the conversation and respond to what the other has said.Passive listening is listening without response.

5.Keep eye contact.
By looking at the other, you prove your interest in what it says.So let that mobile phone on the side. This also helps you to focus and be less distracted.

Source: Self-Confidence Coach | Career Guidance | Life Coach | John Abbas

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