How can I help my children, from a young age, develop a passion for knowledge? How can I get them to learn the importance of lifelong learning?

What Jan Bos says.Maybe they develop a passion for ballet, or fashion, or whatever. Do not stimulate them in your passion, stimulate them in their passion. It’s your children, not your clones.

In any case, fight the reverse:

  • A child [really every child is born curious.
    That teaches the child because: (tired/stressed) adults who let them know “that it is enough now…,” They should not ask… ‘ ‘ And if something is “investigated”, they sighs and believe “cease now, we must continue” or “Come, I will show you how to do it/how to achieve that solution/that desired result”.

Then you will learn it as a child.
Afterwards, (and especially girls) get a little later even the communication [advertising, Disney, stupid uncles and aunts: “If you are that nerd, you will never become popular and you never get that friend (innet) you”.Then you will certainly learn it as a child.
Death sin, because wanting to learn is innate and is then really pushed all over the head.As an adult/educator, it is mainly a matter of fighting and contradicting things, forcing/pushing does not [work too counter productive.

  • Similarly, they get in school only “so you have to do it, just copy/do but after [even: Rehearze, Rehearze, Rehearze and try not to invent that solution direction or a solution experiment.”
  • That will remain so, bad education is a given, so there is nothing else in that outside school time to do this especially: start with “find yourself that solution, but try it out, you’ll notice if it’s what you wanted”. Coaching mag, may, arise/say not:-)

  • A child does not like all the topics, but some things excessively.
  • Never (!) believe to be allowed to (or even to) determine what they may or may not find interesting, always support those passions of the child themselves.
    [And even bother doing yourself in developing > > V.B.: Nothing is worse for a child with a passion for music than parents who only listen to SKY radio (and also no second want to go in), and sighs like “that noise” is back on or the child says ” You should now listen “> > This applies to every passion. Short: Learn to think critically and inquireating.

    Children are researchers, and if you can make them learn to ask the right questions in the long run.
    Why are trees bare in winter?How does a car work? Who is the first man? Why do we find art beautiful? (These are real questions I’ve heard children ask)
    I always have a tendency to let them answer themselves, and to be critical of their response, so they dare to investigate their own answer as well.You’d be amazed at what kids all know when they start thinking about everyday things.

    By giving a good example!

    Who says that your vision will be their vision?

    Do not do so.Your cunt send them a little, but do not go above all force.

    Just think back to your own childhood, or you loved it yourself if you had to do something against your liking.

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