How can I help a local shop earn more money through a website?

You’ve already received many good suggestions and some of them are essential to support your local shop online.I would like to add:

You can support your shop online by

  1. Ubiquitous accessibility
  2. Distribution of products online
  3. Marketing for your shop


  1. A disadvantage of shops is, of course, the effort that people have to make in order to reach the store and provide service or service there.

products. Therefore, support your customers even if they are not on site. One way is to offer your service via chat, which allows customers to reach you at any time on the go or on the desktop. A suitable tool can be found here

  • You can now also map the advice you provide on site online.
  • Help your customers find the right product, because it gives you a clear advantage over many competitors – real human service. With the above tool, you can accompany your customers with the purchase, as in the store and sell the products directly in the chat.

  • and that’s the key point: Answer your customers’ questions?
  • As a rule, there will not be one question, but a great many questions. You should collect these questions and answer them on your page. You can see a good approach in this direction here . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Smart Home Quacks

    These answers lead to valuable content that will lead customers to you continuously and in the long term.So the key word is content marketing.

    As a result, customers receive

    • First, a service that will make them grateful and develop a personal connection (customer loyalty) to you, which is extremely important, especially when close to the local
    • Second, a testament to your expertise and therefore the trustworthiness of your store, which will generate even more customer loyalty
    • Third, Google will prefer your content, especially in local searches, and you’ll get good quality traffic and that’s sustainable.

    Creating your own blog posts is quite tedious and you are only making slow progress, which makes me personally recommend the format of MonsTec above via the service of Produck.There you answer customer questions, so offer a good service and generate new SEO content directly from it. This is fast, effective and fits your local strategy. The big ones, such as Amazon and Conrad, already use the principle similarly in their question section on each product, already show that the principle works. The service of Produck can be used free of charge (also as WordPress or Prestashop plugin).

    I hope my answer and recommendations will help you further and wish you every success.

    VG Amber

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