How can I get out of this situation? I am since I was born by both my parents and my grandmother rejected. Why?

There are a few things you can keep in mind.

  • You are worthy of being gentle, respectful and treated with care.
  • You owe nothing to your family
  • You deserve respect (yes, I say it again because it is very important and true)
  • You are free to do what you want and to be who you want.
  • Some people, even your family, are just k * * * * * * * * *, and the fact that they treat you badly says more about them than about you.

I have a friend in the south of France who currently takes a sixteen year old, because her family is insulting. The girl is beaten, humiliated and insulted daily, and my girlfriend will care for her and protect her.

You are not the only one to go through such a painful situation, and that is (more or less) good news!It means that there are ways to get out, either through help from social services, either by yourself.

The way you have been treated for years has probably made you stronger and more resilient to live on yourself.

I am quite this, which is why I have stopped and blocked all contacts with my family, and also why I live in a country other than my homeland.

It may feel like mourning people who are not even dead, but if you get the chance, you can try to start only again.

As I have said before: Sometimes you are better occasionally without toxic people in your life, even if (or more precisely because) they are members of your family.


What to:(for you I feel with you, I myself have not had a nice childhood and recognize this feeling very much.

Unfortunately, some people are not good parents, and also do not bother to be good parents.Their children are then the victim of that and that is horrible.

And that is not usually something that can be solved by the children.You can’t force people to change, you can’t let people change their mind if they don’t do their best.

Unfortunately, this often means that children must be detached from their parents, in order to have a chance to live happily.Because it is often so that those parents were poor parents but also poor parents remain. And that means that their poor children are constantly trying to get the approval of the parents, to finally get that bond with father and mother who they like and if necessary. And that they are not getting it.

That is a scenario in which the child loses and continues to lose.

The greatest pleasure you can do is to consider that struggle.To say: 鈧?艙from my parents I shouldn’t have it. That is very to and sadly, but it is not my fault. 鈧?p>

And then your life is suddenly open to others.Maybe not by itself, maybe not right. Many people with a rock youth need therapy. I have also done that myself, and that has helped me tremendously. There is no shame in asking for help. You have not learned certain things, have not received them, and there is really nothing wrong to want to learn these things, and to find someone who can help you with that.

So I would recommend you: Find a social worker, a therapist.Do your story. Let them help you to build a solid house on the shaky basis that you have gotten from your parents.

Strength and great success!

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