How can I find my first job in web development if all companies only accept experienced programmers?

Do volunteer work.By that I mean: Create free websites for charitable institutions and foundations. There they will be absolutely super happy if you offer to do so. So, search for settings without a website.

Do your job as professionally as possible.Start with a standard WordPress or HTML site, but go one step further. For example, create a login function, or a linked service database.

So you get an incredible amount of experience, you don’t deserve any money, but you do have everything in your hand.You can build a portfolio. Do the customers make it difficult? Will they stand on their stripes? Do they ask too much? Make them clear that you are working for free and that they can always look for a company that is making money from them.

A piece or 3 is enough.Then you can send your portfolio to commercial companies. Show them your work and see if you can get a new, paid job. You don’t even have to tell them that you have done your work for free (otherwise they also want!)

Another tip: see if you can find an unemployed designer who works with you.Design is not the best side of most programmers.

I don’t think companies only assume experienced programmers.Especially big companies have a mix of juniors, mediors and seniors in their team. This is simply because these companies know that educating juniors is rewarding and can always provide a supportive role in projects during that process.

Moreover, there is always a course of people.People changing jobs. So it is important for the juniors to move to Mediors and mediors to seniors. And it works too, because many mediors have the ambition to obtain a lead role as a senior. So the prospect of more responsibility involves the juniors and mediors within the company, while departing from dissatisfied seniors offers space to the mediors.

Large companies are turning a big turnover, so there is also room to give the juniors a place.Smaller companies, however, need to have more of specialism and experience. A junior is often less usable in proportion.

But what matters is that as a applying junior you show that you are showing your stake.And that’s what you do, for example, by building some things yourself and making opinions, which in any case you have a bit of experience and can show you something of your knowledge.

Good luck!

With a good RESUME.

It is nonsense that companies only accept experienced people.A software developer also needs juniors for a variety of reasons.

Companies get a lot of CVs inside.The first step in finding a job is to get the first selection round. Make sure your resume looks neat. Make sure there are no language errors. Make sure you have the correct ‘ key words ‘ at the top of your resume.

Do trainings/courses.That shows that you are busy and not sitting on the couch with a PlayStation. It also shows that you want to keep learning, very important in software.

Do your homework.Don’t send your resume to any software company in the Yellow pages (still exists?) but look for suitable companies. Read the websites, read the career section. Does the company have internal training, what projects do they do.

Good luck!

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