How can I earn my first million? I am a student and want my own business.

Advance two points:

First of all: people are not rich of much earning, but of little spending!(Of course in proportion to what they deserve).
But people who want to get rich quickly want to be able to give it a lot of money.Do you feel the contradiction?
Example: An entrepreneur buying from his first ton profit a fat BMW will never fetch the million.
If you know how to keep your spending for a few years, and so you can save your million, that thrift becomes part of your personality and the fun of the big Spenden is actually there as well.
Where do you still need that million?Great chance it will be issued by another: if it is good your children, but more likely you are obviously beautiful (second) partner. There you may not really be with it, depending on your personality, because then you have nicely scored a real trophy-wife Annex A with your million:-). After a few years, your first partner has been squeezed in between: it had nothing to do with a guy who is possessed of rich and therefore never at home.

Second point: If you want to become rich you will have to undertake.But then you fall out of all sorts of social safety nets, such as WW and disability, and you get all sorts of entrepreneurial risks s like liabilities or periods without turnover but with high fixed costs. You insure it’s spit expensive, so whether you pay your blue (then you’ve lost all that money and hit the million out of sight) or you’ll have to save like crazy to get flesh on the bones for bad times. Then at some point after years you have lived as a minimumloner to have a million, but you can not even spend it, because then you become a business far too fragile. So you work your rocking, you have a million on the couch, and you can’t do anything with it! Your own staff deserves less, but quietly takes a fat mortgage and makes up his entire salary.

Wanting to get rich quickly is apparently a bad argument to undertake: that you actually have to do because there are entrepreneurs ‘ blood flowing through your veins, then you can not even be different, and you get your shoulders with the above-described disadvantages.
But if you want to be rich, there is little else to do than doing.

Well, how do you earn that first million then?

This will not succeed in doing what your soul is in and working hard: selling hours or working in employment requires many years of scraping to save a million.Unless you have special talents for top football player or international top escort course.

Fast legally earning a lot of money can M.I. only by selling/trading or speculation.And if you want to earn a lot of it you have to take great Risks鈩?s. In contrast to every successful millionaire through trade or speculation, there are 99 bankrupt losers.

That one opportunity (the Golden investment dot, the brilliant product idea or that next sales smasher) that seems too good to be true is always that too.And the contrary of being rich is not to remain poor but go bankrupt. Without spending money on your savings account, you can live very well in the Netherlands, but a priceless debt to an ill-considered adventure and bankruptcy is a real disaster that usually costs your family and your friends.

So, find out where your talent lies (and listen well to people who can know it!), invent a business form where you sell something other than your hours, and get started.You work completely broken, and take Risks鈩?s, but make sure that your worst case does not hold on to the adventure, but also no debts. Pay attention to all your decisions! That limits the amount of risk you can run and thus also the chance of a fast million, but it is foolish to run more risk than you can bear if it goes wrong. Then but no million!

Fortunately, nowadays there are huge markets for IT/web products that are mainly based on an excellent idea.You can outsource the creation yourself or for a clear amount.

Your first few attempts will definitely fail (I can know!), so you’re very happy with my worst case advice.But if you are good at what you do, there can also be a sudden success.

If, despite my opinions, the million were not allowed to come: Make sure that you also enjoyed trying, and do not come in for ten years that you have completely neglected your private life in your zeal to become rich, and you both financially and socially with empty hand and state.


  • Working hard
  • To focus on your business and the services you deliver and not be rich
  • To ensure that what you do is your passion. Forget to be rich.

That is a side issue.

With happiness and the right strategy your company grows and who knows you can sell it over time for at least 1.5 million.

The chance that you succeed is very small, but who does not…

Keep in mind that you need to give a lot of the proceeds from your company’s sales to the government…

And congratulations on your first million!

Focus not on the money.Do what you love to do, every day. Of course you will have to take the less fine things there.

Maybe try to find Ikigai?It Is a good model not to focus too much on the money. Everyone is making that mistake.

Good luck!

First you have to find out what you like, secondly you have to ask yourself why you did not do that already 5 years earlier.

A million build up takes time, the biggest factor for most people is happiness.Happiness you have in many forms. So you may be lucky enough to have come into a prosperous family, lucky that your neighbors are very good at networking, the happiness that you have very early discovered your natural talend and the happiness that you encountered the right people in the life you E right way a push gave.

Many people have acquired decent assets by investing, in people, products or services.Some have been lucky (Bitcoin, anyone?) and others still enjoy (shares).

An own company and a million are quite distant from each other, most people with their own business have never seen a million.Having a business is not the way to become a millionaire, but for some (because of the passion and love for what they do) the only way.

Such people keep so much of their work, that they cannot let it loose.They prefer to spend the evening on the business to help still the one customer they deserve nothing to do, then sit at home watching TV.

In Zo N case there exists after long investing in time, a chance to tap recurrent one million.

Another way is to invest in real estate, rent out such objects and then after some years to live with mothers themselves, to receive the invested money back.

But in all cases, time is your biggest enemy.Patience. Why people always say it’s hard work? Because if you work hard, you probably work more than others, which will make your goal faster. Harder is not always the solution, but it usually gives you a small advantage.

A good but “nasty” earning model:
-Create product (no service/service)
-Multiplicable factor, so 1 time designs and have repeatedly (cheaply) reproduce
-Create dependency or make the product addictive. (one shouldn’t be without it anymore)
-Forget your passion or the things you are happy, MONEY is now your passion.
-Play the hard game and put your conscience in the fridge.

Good luck!

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