How can I add something to the world while I know I’m just average.

Just try to be nice and helpful for the people and animals around you.You will be amazed at the positive reactions to your cheerful remarks about the smallest things, or if you find it even more complicated, try to look at the driver with a friendly smile when you get into the bus for example. Show interest in what people are doing around you, almost everyone likes to tell what they’re doing. Learn to really listen to others. And don’t forget to thank people for the nice things they do, your attention to this will really be appreciated.

You will see, this not only makes the people around you happier, but also yours.

Your parents have already added something to the world.You don’t have to do that either.

No one is “just average”.Everyone has specific character traits and if we all have to throw a lot and share it by the number of people, we have “just average”.

Everyone has something special.The average person simply does not exist.

What you experience as normal can be very special for someone else (and vice versa).

For example, you are more special than almost 1 billion people on this globe (who are illiterate).

You dare to raise a “problem”, which many people just don’t dare (they collect and crawl in their debt): Another trait you have that many others do not have.

People who think they’re just average just haven’t found their specific talent yet.

I also thought for a long time that I was “average” and actually couldn’t do anything.Until I came to the conclusion that I could talk to everyone, regardless of their color, social class or character. According to my colleagues, I can apparently sell “sand to an Arab”:) So I found my specific talent and you have to look for your talent. And as soon as you have found that talent, you have to use it as much as possible, so you can become “exceptional”!

Start by realizing that the world is also your street or neighborhood or the place where you are at any time.Try to make it a little less bad, for example, to greet someone, to look at people and to make people a compliment.

A smile, a kind word.The pick up of a message that someone drops. Difference is not always in deeds of (Heroes). But in kindness towards your fellow man.

You have to do just that.As a result, the average goes up, with all those negative scorers out there.

Why would you want to add something to the world in Heaven’s name?The society has been talking to you that conviction and apparently you have never wondered why it is necessary to add something to the world.

This problem arose because people do not know what to do with their lives and therefore they follow the masses and who has an almost uncontrollable need to perform, accomplish things.

Once you realize that there is no reason to get ahead in life, you are free.

Have fun with your freedom!

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